Reply To: Sky's bug heaven.

Avatar photoSky

Found a human faction patroll running after orc hunters so I followed them. They went quite far from home town since the orcs were faster and trying to get somewhere near the initial town. So they kept dragging the human patrol further and further away. Perhaps there should be a minimal range where they start following and a maximal after that they simply start returning home and not follow up with the enemies till they reach the minimal zone again.


There also seems to be a problem around the patrol quest. It is either towns far away from each other (and do not have a good road connection) or simply no roads between the cities. While there is a time limit and within you can possibly go around following the roads, it is way easier just to cut thru the terrain and instead of fighting and long journey just get the few hundred for simple legwork. The blue arrows show the supposed way while the purplish the fast one with no enemies that can be done in 1 day so you have a pure profit for nothing. Maybe there should be a minimal headcount too they don’t send you on patrol when everything is fine. And the last screen is about a quest with 3 towns so far away and such low reward that it was simply not worth it. Not sure about the time given either. And these road – town placement is a big issue with the current map generation imo. There are no roads where should be and the factions have instead of clustered settlements highly spread out ones making their patrol quests irelevant.