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Avatar photoLordBrycen

New to the game, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, and I am enjoying it immensely.

The strategy is fun and the depth is spectacular. Fighting people as well as orcs and undead things are very neat because they each offer different challenges. On the topic of enemies, I notice that the goblins and orcs drop items unique to their races. The goblin weapons seem fine for them, but I have great interest in using the orc arms and armor on my own troops. They are feeble humans however so the equipment is too much to wield.

What if some of the members could wield these weapons? I am not sure if they would fit into the game, but perhaps have some recruit-able characters that are half-orcs. They would not be the brightest of folk, but their immense strength would allow them wield heavy weapons with ease: including some of those great orc-unique weapons that the developers made.

Just a thought. I also love the game and like some of the ideas presented on the suggestion forums.