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    Hey guys!

    First, i shall say that i have been kinda hooked up, received it as a steam gift three days ago and already spent 27h on it.
    I must say i disagree with the guys that kinda want to make it HUGE and transform it in napoleonian like strategy game, it would take off all the primal meaning of the game i guess, though i like this ambition.

    I want to recall FOTSVAMP idea :

    What I would like to see is the implementation of specialized ammunition E.G, Bodkin arrows vs broad head arrows, they would work slightly different, the bodkin arrows ignoring more armor and the broad head dealing more damage.

    it is a really cool one.

    My takes on the subject
    1-We need a quicksave button, for now i have been really attached to my little bros and can’t take on the main one dying, so far the retreat option was never taken, probably on a future campain
    2-i think THE great thing that needs to be implemented ASAP is REAL camps: when you ar sent to destroy orc/goblins/raiders camp or a cemetary, it would be great to actually fight in said place, not just in randomly generated ground of the biome you are in. In cemetaries you could fall in dug graves, or get your path blocked by tombstones and such, for the camp you would have different designs according to the faction you’re fighting, having little wood remparts. It would emphasize on HOW TO attack them, WHEN to attack them, maybe i will have to buy a ram to smash them wooden doors. It would be mini sieges actually, but even if you don’t actually implement sieges yet, having to fight in proper camps woudl be actually great, at least set in a few camp templates at first.
    But it brings me to a new point
    3-When do you attack? it mihjt be cool to implement some strategies to decide when you shall attack a sttlement. Dawn? Dusk? Night? In history there reasons why raiders attacked at dawn. in most mythologies orc and goblins are mostly dark creatures, (i understand it’s your take on the subject, but thats just an example) they could have malus while fighting in daylight, but you would see them way more roaming during night. PUshing the thing i would say your foes got sun disadvantage (if sunny) when you attack from the east(at dawn) and the exact opposite at dusk.
    4-DIRECTIONS, given all i have said above it would be nice to start the fight from the way you actually attacked the settlement.
    5- TAKEN BY SURPRISE OR NOT? Yesterday I fought a goblin settlement, i was the one attacking, and i choose to engage the fight (i could have canceled) but suddenly i am the one surrounded ? and my troops not in a good order? It made little sense to me, but maybe the goblins outsmarted me. It would be nice to have a way to take the ennemy by surprise (and fail of course)
    6-FORMATION, Props to you guys, most of the time when i attack my lil bros are already greatly lined up shields on front, pikes and archers behind, so, thats really great work on that already. The plus: being able (under favourable circumstances) to put your characters as you wish on a limited area you already have.

    To resume: I love the concept of being prepared to the fight, knowing your ennemy and how to defeat them, if you could give us the right tool to be perfects deadly sellsword it would be a great thing. As i said, i already love the game, i havn’t explored all his features yet but it is already a greta one to me.

    7-Maybe being able to interact with caravans to resuplay, sell your goods.
    8- Everyone is asking for it cause everyone is a mean fucker, but actually being a bandit company cold be fun, but i understand your game is about sellsword and not just 735 A.D Al Capone

    Trivia: Having tombs of your fallen brothers on the map.

    Bug?: Most of the time you do’nt hear the sounds of the hit or miss if the action is not RIGHT on the center of the screen.

    Thats all for now \o/

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    I have a suggestion considering the blacksmith shops in towns: Please insert a button that repairs all of my equitment, and it would be nice to display the repair cost for every tile. At the current state it is a little intransparent. At last i think the most players dont notice that you have the possibility to get repairs at the shops, so please make that clear. :D

    Sorry for my bad english. Grüsse nach Hamburg.

    Avatar photoLordBrycen

    New to the game, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, and I am enjoying it immensely.

    The strategy is fun and the depth is spectacular. Fighting people as well as orcs and undead things are very neat because they each offer different challenges. On the topic of enemies, I notice that the goblins and orcs drop items unique to their races. The goblin weapons seem fine for them, but I have great interest in using the orc arms and armor on my own troops. They are feeble humans however so the equipment is too much to wield.

    What if some of the members could wield these weapons? I am not sure if they would fit into the game, but perhaps have some recruit-able characters that are half-orcs. They would not be the brightest of folk, but their immense strength would allow them wield heavy weapons with ease: including some of those great orc-unique weapons that the developers made.

    Just a thought. I also love the game and like some of the ideas presented on the suggestion forums.

    Avatar photoQuidman

    you can use these weapon (with very high fatigue cost), but not the armor (your men don’t really fit into, and… hard to wander around with an armor crafted with skulls, bones, and element of armor of knights without having problem with nobility and guardsmen)

    Avatar photoGazzan

    Okay so I’m really glad I got this on the recent steam sale and must say it was money well invested, a couple of thing I would love to see

    -rivers, fords, Bridges & tollways
    rivers and aren’t much of a thing and would be a massive improvement in the game and add some great decisions to the game, do you pay the often expensive and draining toll the local nobles demand to take the safest route to your destination or do you search the river for a ford to cross and risk bandits and others wordly horrors to save your coin?

    (prehaps also on closer sections of Shoreline near the sea as well)

    -Mountain passes
    passes through the smaller mountain sections that are slightly faster than simply treking across the snowy peaks but are often bandit/orc/goblin ridden and treacherous to boot

    -A fog of war system
    Currently my greatest annoyance which speaks for itself, a grey overlay would do fine IMO

    -world map fatigue/The need to camp
    men can only march so far before needing to camp and to march or not to march should be a question on the world map, do you march all night and have your men weary in the hopes of reaching your destination or to perhaps outrun the orcs pursuing you or do you camp and have your men lick their wound and rested at the expense of a possible ambush?

    (perhaps the exhaustion of your men is determined by the average of your companies max fatigue)

    -world map strategy and warfare
    warfare is a sellswords bread and butter and I’d LOVE to see the houses occasionally raise forces to attack one another’s holdings or even hopefully pitched battles against one another.

    Finally one of the most important things I’d like to see is more strategic decisions rather than tactical ones maybe a separate perk system for your company in regards to strategic skills such as the ability to attack your opponent during the night, or ambush them on the road perhaps being able to move a little faster or slower at the cost of fatigue or vice versa allowing your men to heal a little quicker on the move.

    anyway I look forward to this develops and have nothing but the best wishes for you guys who work so hard on this game for us consumers!

    P.S Mercenary Tax

    Avatar photoThsarias

    Hiya! I’m not much of a man of words, so ima keep this short.

    Mod compatability would be great, i’m sure its on your list but definitely not top priority.

    A steam forums would be great aswell, a discussion, or honestly anything in that format besides the steam group.

    Avatar photoReiter

    Hi all,

    Great game!

    This may have been discussed:

    I suggest enemy strongholds, you have to break in and get past defenders to win battle.

    Avatar photoReiter

    ^ Morning coffee over…

    Enemy fortifications: There is 1 or 2 gate with own HP, and walls with HP:s as well. More complex enemy fortifications could hold enemy soldiers on higher ground behind the walls, imagine what hellish task is to get past wall, 2 enemy behind it? (one swordman and pikeman behind, for example)

    Maybe ability to burn wall/gate down? Flames could also spread.

    I´d like also to loot some villages. Also, the possibility to attack anyone, anytime would be great. Now my Brothers are too kind people.

    Avatar photoReiter

    Please, make pause/unpause to work with middle mouse button. It would also be skip turn command.

    Avatar photoReiter

    I´d like also to loot some villages. Also, the possibility to attack anyone, anytime would be great. Now my Brothers are too kind people.

    You could attack anyone and get over it without consequences, if every attacked, for example, caravan members are killed. Who is there to tell who them killed? BUT, if even one escaped, that is an different story. Still, after some time, militia comes to investigate and if there is suspicious tracks, they go tracking them.

    This would lead to corpse piles. They should be left as seen objects in the world map. If player does not want to take time to bury or burn them.

    What do you think?

    Avatar photoAvanne

    The cultist background makes me think cultists could be a neat mini-faction with unique quests. For example a “Cleanse the cult quest” with some variables. Most often I imagine it as a regular slay quest but occasionally you’d find them and then every single one of them stabs themselves first turn and summons something big and nasty to deal with.

    Avatar photoEvgenS

    Please, make pause/unpause to work with middle mouse button. It would also be skip turn command.

    And would be nice to have auto-pause if your company stopped, like in mount and blade

    Avatar photospidaminkey

    I’ve mentioned this before in it’s own thread but there were no replies…

    It would be fantastic if your brothers could interact with each other on the battlefield. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a brother cannot bandage up another brother. That would be a nice feature, especially so my back line can bandage up my front line. Also, there are further interactions that could be enabled by this functionality. For example, breaking brothers out of nets, breaking brothers out of those shaman roots, giving the poison antidote to a brother. The rotation skill already allows the targeting of a fellow brother, could this functionality not be replicated for items, nets and roots?

    Avatar photoTeniun

    Hello, I also have some ideas that would be nice to see in this GREAT Game. Some of them may be useless, but I hope, that you will like some of them.

    1)Both Genders – It would be nice to see even women in the company. I know, that this world is really hard and dark, but even women can fight, or at least help in some way to the company, which leads me to the next point.

    2)Supporting roles/Out of combat abilities – So far the background of the brothers triggered only events as a bonus, or something bad. It could be fine, if they had even some “passives”. For example priest or cultist improving slowly morale while in the camp, or something like that.

    3) Races – There are not only the human enemies, but also greenskins and undead… but what if there were some friendly non-humans? Like elves, or dwarves. They would have their small piece of land, where they live and they would be rare (some maps would have them, some would not, it would be random). Also their recruiting wold be harder… like having a good reputation with them (probably alied) to be able to recruit them.
    Also there could be even towns of some enemy race, for example city of the undead, or some cultist/vampire village, citadel of some dark elves, or another dark race, or just another city of humans, but they would be possesed by something evil(?).

    4) Friendly magic – Enemies have some kind of magic. There is nature magic and also death magic so far. It would be nice, if brothers were able to have acces to some kind of magic too. Where is dark, there also must (or should) be the light. So the priests and knights (paladins maybe) would have acces to this “light magic” through some artefact, which would be hard to get. And once they get that, they could use some weak healing, boosting morale or stats, or even burn the enemy. Also cultists and witch hunters could have the dark magic… or maybe just everyone should have acces to this. They will only need to hold the artefact (stave, orb, book) instead of their weapon… also the spells should generate a high fatigue (30+?) so the light armor would be in place.

    5) Cursed treasures – We have already seen the cursed undead, vampires, probably even werewolfs. There are mentioned “demonic statues” in some quests, old, forgotten tomes of magic and so on. This all means that in this world, there is some strong, dark power. And that power could posses some items (weapons, armor). At first, it would give the brother benefits, like increased health, speed, or strength, but only as long as they obey (killing farmers, or just killing… or something else), or it would work just like the injuries. For example the brother will have 3 days, in which he will feel the benefits of that cursed item, but he will be in danger and if he can’t find priests of Temple in those 3 days, he will be cursed, gaining some cursed perk, which should be something bad… also the bonuses may stay, or just disappear.

    6) Fire – The fire is a tool of men for some time now. And it can also be used as a weapon. Torches dealing weak blunt damage with chance of igniting the target. Flaming arrows, or consumable flamable oil to lit up the weapon. This could also lead to the new kind of injuries.

    6) Variety of Projectiles – There could be more types of projectiles. Not only human arrows and bolts, but also the goblin (elven, ancient, etc) types. Or just special types. Some of them beter against armor, some of them better against flesh. Also probably more throwable weapons?

    7) Sieges – I just keep thinking about the Mount and Blade when I play Battle Brothers. It would be cool to have some sieges of the castles, which are here, or just a simple village siege. With or without the siege engines.

    8) Mounts – Goblins have wargs as their mounts. The brothers could also use something as a mount. Horse, or something else. It would be expensive and hard to get, but it will definitely be nice to see your leader on a horse, leading your men… and then see him die after he rushed into the spearwall!

    9) Level and Skill Cap – It would be also nice to have higher level cap, because when you fight against 31 orcs with your party, that already reached the max levels (11) and it ends likethis… it just seems not right, when you know, that you have no chance to get any better, exept you have luck and find some really cool and better artefacts than you already have.

    10) Mercenary Lord – When you get rich and famous (100k gold+) you think about that money… what to do with it. And your own village would be the best thing to invest in. At fitst it would be just a wooden camp, and it will grow in time and probably depending on your investments and developement of that place. Finding resources to produce in that place… and one day, you can have your own castle.

    11) Crafting – there are a lot of resources and with it also a lot of possibilities. The traders on the market (or caravans) could sell you some plans and scrolls, or you could find it on someone’s corpse. And with that plan and the right brother you would be able to craft some item from the resources you gather. Or there would be crafter’s guilds in the towns, where they’ll craft you that thing (weapon, armor, consumable).

    There also were some ideas that I want to repeat, because I like them. For example those uniforms for your company. Tabards or insignias of with your erb on it, or just a a flag in battle with it. Once you get famous, you should have right for that.
    I may have forgot something, but I guess this will do for now.


    This might have been said already but more stats would be awesome. I would love to know how many kills my brothers have or even how many “assisted” kills they have. Maybe their hit percentage as well. Just some small things that make it interesting to see how well your comrades are fighting. Also, some more mini quests or events within your company itself to give it more life. Like one of your battle brothers challenges another to see who can kill more in the next X amount of battles and the loser has to buy a round for the company then next time you enter a tavern, or maybe you go to the home town of one of your men and his younger brother begs you to let him join your company. In general, just things that make the game more immersive and allow the player to really become part of a mercenary company and get the feeling that each brother is a character with personality. Keep up the excellent work! Looking forward to the full release.

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