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Company Name: The Iron Boar, led by Wilfred the Butcher.

Company Name of descendants after the second era (map update): The Iron Piglets, led by Falk Meat, youngest son of Rupert the Dragon :P

The Iron Boar ended their crusade attacking the Orcish Citadel at the heart of their territory. a legendary battle against 3 times the amount of orcs took place at the end of the first era/update. among the orcs were more than 30 Orcish warriors and 1 Orc Leader.

The Elite Iron Boar fought valiantly and victoriously.

2 died that battle and the rest of them retired at lvl 11.

All of them were very unique characters.

One of them, Rupert the Dragon, could wear fully plated armour and helm with a great sword and still have 98 fatigue points to work with. He was originally a brawler hired in a sack cloth and fought his first battle with a stick, killing someone with an axe and shield, becomeing my best fighter after that. One of my nobles complained about Rupert having such an unfairly high pay. My first worry was that Rupert would kill him for even mentioning his low born status. XD

Another, Wilfried the Butcher, was originally a butcher naturally named Wilfried the Butcher when hired. He had a shield named The Butchers Warden, with a butchers cleaver as a side arm. He had everything short of blood lust to be a true Butcher.

I miss them all… :(