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    “The Drifters”. I’m in my first walkthrough at 125 day (I play ironman, without reloading saved games if things go bad). At day 55, far from the last village, I fought for the first time against vampires, I fled and only three brothers escaped. Vampires reached my 3 brothers and this time only ONE brother escaped. I could reach a village redo all my entire group ;D

    Avatar photoUsikava

    My last is called Lusty Lions =)

    Avatar photoGreed

    True Swordes(Pirate Versione)
    Blood Reavenes(Died of Last big Update)
    Merchanres of Dead(Curente)

    Avatar photoCrotchHugger

    Band of the Hawk
    Those who know the reference know that the leader aspire to build a kingdom.

    Avatar photoUlrich

    The knights who says NI.

    All life's problems can be solved with a bayonet charge.

    Avatar photorohirrimelf

    Band of brothers
    normal difficulty

    Avatar photoOldGreyBeard

    Reluctant Ravens

    They recently became the RETIRED Ravens after we amassed over 130K crowns. (NORMAL mode! I’m NOT a military genius!)

    Currently, I’ve revived the Craven Crows. Those poor bastards have been slaughtered to a man at least 4 times before the major update broke the save games, so I figured I’d give ’em another chance.

    Background: 3 survivors trying to keep alive long enough to “retire comfortably” and also trying to keep those poor bastards dumb enough to join them alive as long as they can. As life wasn’t fair to the founders, they see no reason to make things worse for those who share the same fate. Expect them to try to repair wagons, and rescue caravans. They never ever take a job involving burning out peasants. That’s how they ended up as Craven Crows in the first place.

    BEFORE the update, I used to run a rather long lived group known as Davkuls Darlings that only allowed cultists and sometimes the odd rat-catcher. Since the update, cultists are too few and far between. I spent well over a week trying to find enough cultists for the first job. I also ran a mixed cultist / flagellant group. That might work better since the big change. FWIW, was the present rarity of cultists an intentional change? It’s just that I took a weirdly perverse amusement at the arguments between the 2 groups!

    I rather like “Harm’s Way”, and wish I’d thought of that one.

    I also have no problem dumping a starting 3 if the archer doesn’t have at least a 45 … besides the annoyance of having to go through the starting battle so many times. (did you know that your starting 3 CANNOT DIE? And that the weasel guy CANNOT BE KILLED? … plot control, I guess.) … and yes, I would like a preview of the founders, too.

    In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!

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    My first were the Swordravens, but they died as I learned the game.

    My second company, Hell’s Company is going strong on day 130+, wielding 3rd tier weapons, two-handers, and dressed in plate and scale on the battle line. Second line in mail with crossbows and polearms.


    Avatar photoMeeky

    The Lucky Bastards are still going strong as my main company that I hop to when I want to goof off and kill things on Normal Mode. Fun group. High level presently. Only rarely does someone die. Their first iteration was called the Lucky Laggards, but I decided Bastards sounded way better.

    The Marchers are a company I made but haven’t really developed yet. I may come back to them shortly.

    I’m about to make a company called the Hammer Brothers. Y’know, for reasons. I think they’ll be hard mode and I’ll try to play ’em straight (I.E. no saving or loading except to jump off / jump on the game).

    Avatar photoWeis

    Band of the Hawk
    Those who know the reference know that the leader aspire to build a kingdom.

    Me too :)

    Avatar photoOh Brother

    1st Renegade Platoon reporting for duty!


    A wise general wins before the battle, while the ignorant general must fight to win - Zhuge Liang

    Avatar photoscaryned

    Company Name: The Iron Boar, led by Wilfred the Butcher.

    Company Name of descendants after the second era (map update): The Iron Piglets, led by Falk Meat, youngest son of Rupert the Dragon :P

    The Iron Boar ended their crusade attacking the Orcish Citadel at the heart of their territory. a legendary battle against 3 times the amount of orcs took place at the end of the first era/update. among the orcs were more than 30 Orcish warriors and 1 Orc Leader.

    The Elite Iron Boar fought valiantly and victoriously.

    2 died that battle and the rest of them retired at lvl 11.

    All of them were very unique characters.

    One of them, Rupert the Dragon, could wear fully plated armour and helm with a great sword and still have 98 fatigue points to work with. He was originally a brawler hired in a sack cloth and fought his first battle with a stick, killing someone with an axe and shield, becomeing my best fighter after that. One of my nobles complained about Rupert having such an unfairly high pay. My first worry was that Rupert would kill him for even mentioning his low born status. XD

    Another, Wilfried the Butcher, was originally a butcher naturally named Wilfried the Butcher when hired. He had a shield named The Butchers Warden, with a butchers cleaver as a side arm. He had everything short of blood lust to be a true Butcher.

    I miss them all… :(


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    Damned we are.
    Death we bring.
    Forever and ever.
    Until the end of times.

    Boatmen of Styx

    Avatar photoSouwly

    Bloody Suns. Just created them with the new banners in beta and I’m going write the story as I go for the next couple of weeks. To check out the background of my company go to:

    Avatar photoWargasm

    My new company (bearing the forest green banner with whizzing arrows) is called the First Rays of Dawn, since its enemies awake to the radiance of virgin rays reflecting from weapon-tips. Despite the image evoked by the banner, we have only a couple of bow fighters and have spent very little time fighting in forests as yet, instead getting tangled up in the tawdy taverns of trading cities.

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