Reply To: Detailed info about rolls, checks, etc.

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i’ll jump in and quote myself from a previous bug report (unrelated to the OP), because i do also think the combat log should be looked at to actually do something for the player :p
As it is now, it is somewhat useless and clutter the UI, but the collapsed state makes it discrete enough.


Also, on that note of “Combat Log”, i would *love* a better logging format. As examples :

<Attacker> [AtkType:swings|shoots] at <Target> and [AtkResult:misses!|hits <BodyPart> for <ArmorDamage> and <HealthDamage>!]
<Attacker> uses <attack skill> on <Target> and [AtkResult:misses!|hits <BodyPart> for <ArmorDamage> and <HealthDamage>!]

(the 2 handed axe needs a specific case to reflect the “double hit” Head+Torso)
– If Target dies, extra line “<Target> was killed by <Attacker>!”
– If Target is wounded, extra line “<Target> suffers <Wound> from <Attacker>’s attack!”
– <Target>’s [Head|Torso]’s armor is shredded by <Attacker>’s attack!

Cheers :)

(disregard the part on 2H Axe/adjust to how it works)