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Hello, I also have some ideas that would be nice to see in this GREAT Game. Some of them may be useless, but I hope, that you will like some of them.

1)Both Genders – It would be nice to see even women in the company. I know, that this world is really hard and dark, but even women can fight, or at least help in some way to the company, which leads me to the next point.

2)Supporting roles/Out of combat abilities – So far the background of the brothers triggered only events as a bonus, or something bad. It could be fine, if they had even some “passives”. For example priest or cultist improving slowly morale while in the camp, or something like that.

3) Races – There are not only the human enemies, but also greenskins and undead… but what if there were some friendly non-humans? Like elves, or dwarves. They would have their small piece of land, where they live and they would be rare (some maps would have them, some would not, it would be random). Also their recruiting wold be harder… like having a good reputation with them (probably alied) to be able to recruit them.
Also there could be even towns of some enemy race, for example city of the undead, or some cultist/vampire village, citadel of some dark elves, or another dark race, or just another city of humans, but they would be possesed by something evil(?).

4) Friendly magic – Enemies have some kind of magic. There is nature magic and also death magic so far. It would be nice, if brothers were able to have acces to some kind of magic too. Where is dark, there also must (or should) be the light. So the priests and knights (paladins maybe) would have acces to this “light magic” through some artefact, which would be hard to get. And once they get that, they could use some weak healing, boosting morale or stats, or even burn the enemy. Also cultists and witch hunters could have the dark magic… or maybe just everyone should have acces to this. They will only need to hold the artefact (stave, orb, book) instead of their weapon… also the spells should generate a high fatigue (30+?) so the light armor would be in place.

5) Cursed treasures – We have already seen the cursed undead, vampires, probably even werewolfs. There are mentioned “demonic statues” in some quests, old, forgotten tomes of magic and so on. This all means that in this world, there is some strong, dark power. And that power could posses some items (weapons, armor). At first, it would give the brother benefits, like increased health, speed, or strength, but only as long as they obey (killing farmers, or just killing… or something else), or it would work just like the injuries. For example the brother will have 3 days, in which he will feel the benefits of that cursed item, but he will be in danger and if he can’t find priests of Temple in those 3 days, he will be cursed, gaining some cursed perk, which should be something bad… also the bonuses may stay, or just disappear.

6) Fire – The fire is a tool of men for some time now. And it can also be used as a weapon. Torches dealing weak blunt damage with chance of igniting the target. Flaming arrows, or consumable flamable oil to lit up the weapon. This could also lead to the new kind of injuries.

6) Variety of Projectiles – There could be more types of projectiles. Not only human arrows and bolts, but also the goblin (elven, ancient, etc) types. Or just special types. Some of them beter against armor, some of them better against flesh. Also probably more throwable weapons?

7) Sieges – I just keep thinking about the Mount and Blade when I play Battle Brothers. It would be cool to have some sieges of the castles, which are here, or just a simple village siege. With or without the siege engines.

8) Mounts – Goblins have wargs as their mounts. The brothers could also use something as a mount. Horse, or something else. It would be expensive and hard to get, but it will definitely be nice to see your leader on a horse, leading your men… and then see him die after he rushed into the spearwall!

9) Level and Skill Cap – It would be also nice to have higher level cap, because when you fight against 31 orcs with your party, that already reached the max levels (11) and it ends likethis… it just seems not right, when you know, that you have no chance to get any better, exept you have luck and find some really cool and better artefacts than you already have.

10) Mercenary Lord – When you get rich and famous (100k gold+) you think about that money… what to do with it. And your own village would be the best thing to invest in. At fitst it would be just a wooden camp, and it will grow in time and probably depending on your investments and developement of that place. Finding resources to produce in that place… and one day, you can have your own castle.

11) Crafting – there are a lot of resources and with it also a lot of possibilities. The traders on the market (or caravans) could sell you some plans and scrolls, or you could find it on someone’s corpse. And with that plan and the right brother you would be able to craft some item from the resources you gather. Or there would be crafter’s guilds in the towns, where they’ll craft you that thing (weapon, armor, consumable).

There also were some ideas that I want to repeat, because I like them. For example those uniforms for your company. Tabards or insignias of with your erb on it, or just a a flag in battle with it. Once you get famous, you should have right for that.
I may have forgot something, but I guess this will do for now.