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This might have been said already but more stats would be awesome. I would love to know how many kills my brothers have or even how many “assisted” kills they have. Maybe their hit percentage as well. Just some small things that make it interesting to see how well your comrades are fighting. Also, some more mini quests or events within your company itself to give it more life. Like one of your battle brothers challenges another to see who can kill more in the next X amount of battles and the loser has to buy a round for the company then next time you enter a tavern, or maybe you go to the home town of one of your men and his younger brother begs you to let him join your company. In general, just things that make the game more immersive and allow the player to really become part of a mercenary company and get the feeling that each brother is a character with personality. Keep up the excellent work! Looking forward to the full release.