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I just recruited a Witch Hunter with a cross bow and after a few battles he’s now got the “quick hands” so as to be able to switch between crossbow and melee weapons. This allowed me to charge into combat and shoot from 0 range. The to-hit chance was pretty high and I wrecked the enemies armour pretty badly. Before finish his turn I switch to shield with my remaining AP to allow me to have my shield out, if not up, for his turn.
I’m sure this would work pretty well against Werewolves too (none of which i’ve run into yet, perhaps for want of exploring off road no doubt). Javalins would surely work well too, since werewolves are weakly armoured.
So far though, I think the key to this game is the utility tree for melee fighters. Upgrades in this order:
Student (to gain additional XP right from the start)
Quick Hands (most important skill ever!)
Pathfinder (although its not as important as the others i’m sure being able to move one more hex in rough terrain and up hills without penalty has come in handy without me knowing it)
Fear (breaking enemies and getting free hits is 2nd most imporant skill IMHO)
After this i’m not sure what the best (long term) melee build is as if you’ve been dumping points into Resolve then i’m sure the Captain skill has benefit. I’ve certainly tried the Footwork skill but have never remebered to use it. I therefore think background skills like Brawny and Weaponmaster or Battleflow must be better. Certainly, Battlefow must be worth while for the tail end of an engagement when you can loose men to unlucky hits if a particular enemy won’t just go down. Therefore, the skills that allow you to maintain/regain fatigue must ensure survivability as it allow you to finish enemies off with fatuguing attacks, or keep sheild wall up for one last turn until the enemy gets swamped.
I’ve taken one skill on my leader, and the other on my 2ic, and dumping points in resolve must surely pay off when I need to Rally my party to reduce fatigue.
I think i’m at the point in the game now where I’ve milked the bandits for enough XP that my part is set to meet real tough Orcs and monsters.
Promise i’ll go find some werewolves to put my money where my mouth is in my next session…
PS, my party:
(all have quick hands, spears, axes and swords, and the archers all have offense skills. Main archer has just got the ‘close combat’ and ‘in the zone’ skill and a shit ton of fatugue built up, so should absolutely machine gun any werewolves from over peoples shoulders, even if the werewolves do make it straight into base contact in turn 1)
PPS, admittedly, I am playing on easy…