Reply To: Damn Werewolves

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I made it through.

In essence I used spears, billhooks and two-handed swords. At start every spearman was attacking one target at least once. Then billhooks were put to good use. Then knights with two-handed swords. Werewolves have no armor, can’t break shields and even a spear deal significant damage to them. Heavy armor on knights is important (that or shields and the best armor you can afford), because with two-handed weapon you are easier to be hit and don’t have abilities that increase your dodge chance or discourage enemies from attacking (like Riposte).

Vampires? I simply ordered everyone who could try to hit them at least once. I don’t think you can do anything else than that. If werewolves get to you before you manage to kill a vampire or two, then you’re much more likely to start losing men, because vampires do hit hard and can place themselves in a way that will make killing them problematic once werewolves pin down your frontline soldiers. There is a strong element of luck involved, although I am sure with more men it wouldn’t be as hard (in scenario I am talking about you’re outnumbered more than 2 to 1).

With proper equipment and some numbers werewolves shouldn’t be hard. But then again same thing can be said about any other combat scenario.