Reply To: Sky's bug heaven.

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Now the last situation with the berserk skill. Attacked a group of bandits, started off as 2 walls formation. They weren’t many so I decided to go all in and just rush them. First turn moved all my melee forward to be 2 tiles away from enemy so they get only one hit. They moved aswell. One moved to my 2h guy, used the first skill and killed. Berserk did not trigger. Next turn moved up a tile to get close to an other enemy, used same skill killed and the berserk triggered. Now the difference between them were the first one had 1 hight bonus and was already damaged. The secound one was shield bashed down to the 2h guy and then executed. The third guy was damaged but was on the same hight lvl with the 2h, triggered successfuly. And again with the berserker, but now my 2h guy was one lvl higher atacking down and no trigger.

That knife skill is super effective, almost lost a full armor sellsword for the secound time to a puny archer. Was a fearsome surprise.

About the forest attacks, perhaps making the random placement’s range smaller will do the trick. Just seems out of place to have “wandering off” fighters at the start of an attack.

The today list started on the first page, there are 2 crash bugs and missing skill.