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The Boar Tusk Brothers.

Founded by Dietrich the Fisherman and two friends of his (of questionable morale), this small mercenary company started out quite successfully. Stripping some unfortunate highwaymen of their possessions and taking on caravan guarding and messenger contracts allowed the Tusks to increase their numbers (and even buy everyone real shields!). Unfortunately, a letter delivery to Sonneberg, in the far south, proved one messenger job too many for them.
The forests on the way were teeming with werewolves who ambushed them on the way there, killing a few promising recruits, Meinolf the Young (one of the founders) and, finally, Dietrich the Fisherman. The remaining Tusk Brothers were able to slay the wolves, but Sonneberg turned out to be a dead end, and a poor one at that. Barely able to replenish their company with warm bodies, not to speak of equipment comparable to that lost in the long fight against the beasts, they made a run back down the road back to the larger city of Thalheim.
Alerted by the sounds of battle within earshot of the city walls, the Thalheim militia were only able to recover horribly mauled bodies and the carcasses of two slain werewolves. A red and white boar standard lay against a bush, splattered with blood.

Losing is fun, I guess. :) And “normal” is really way harder than “easy”. The equipment available makes a huge difference.