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    @ Trig I got the same name in german: The Eisenfaust(Ironfist) ;)

    Avatar photoHarm

    I called my company “Harm’s Way”.
    Because if you’re in it, it probably means you’re going to die.

    Avatar photoAlambar

    Swords of Venture

    Avatar photoAlesch

    The Order of the Lion

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Well well, the River Pirates it is :)

    They stand proud with their fragile bones, oversized bellies and asthmatic attacks of fatigue.

    ( One of the game specifics I like the most is the non customization of founders/henchmen. I have to play and work with what I have and find ways to work around their deficiencies. Also these traits given them a lot of character especially if not intended, so I came to “care” a lot for some of the battle brothers in the bunch. )

    Avatar photoSpare

    I really would like to be able to see my 3 starters before choosing the company name tbh !
    Because calling your company “The Loyal Comrades” is just an invitation to start with 2 deserters x)

    I usually go for something game of throne-esque but my current company is called the The Golden shore swords due to their sigil being a golden blade :)

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    I really would like to be able to see my 3 starters before choosing the company name

    Valid point.

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    Avatar photoAsterix_von_TWC

    The King’s Ransom retains only one member from the original party that set out… and not a founder.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Free People Militia.
    Sellswords but I get 2 good Militiamen and one Hunter plus one more Militiamen was waiting for me in the Inn.
    Right now its fairly low level company consisted by one hunter with great bow skills, two retired soldiers, five(yes, five!) militiamen and one swordmaster with a background about blending between people he once trained.
    So now I move between villages and help them with various threats.

    I really would like to be able to see my 3 starters before choosing the company name tbh !


    Avatar photoDerethor

    The Omens of Death

    Founded by a sharp-eyed, loyal Mason, a tiny peddler who bleeds too much, and a former bowyer. Fighting bandits and undead for the most part, they try to avoid battles with the orcs until they are more experienced and able to cope with that raw power, since learning their lesson the hard way when the company was almost lost to an orc warband burning a village.

    Avatar photothenewromance

    The Boar Tusk Brothers.

    Founded by Dietrich the Fisherman and two friends of his (of questionable morale), this small mercenary company started out quite successfully. Stripping some unfortunate highwaymen of their possessions and taking on caravan guarding and messenger contracts allowed the Tusks to increase their numbers (and even buy everyone real shields!). Unfortunately, a letter delivery to Sonneberg, in the far south, proved one messenger job too many for them.
    The forests on the way were teeming with werewolves who ambushed them on the way there, killing a few promising recruits, Meinolf the Young (one of the founders) and, finally, Dietrich the Fisherman. The remaining Tusk Brothers were able to slay the wolves, but Sonneberg turned out to be a dead end, and a poor one at that. Barely able to replenish their company with warm bodies, not to speak of equipment comparable to that lost in the long fight against the beasts, they made a run back down the road back to the larger city of Thalheim.
    Alerted by the sounds of battle within earshot of the city walls, the Thalheim militia were only able to recover horribly mauled bodies and the carcasses of two slain werewolves. A red and white boar standard lay against a bush, splattered with blood.

    Losing is fun, I guess. :) And “normal” is really way harder than “easy”. The equipment available makes a huge difference.

    Avatar photoSky

    I really would like to be able to see my 3 starters before choosing the company name tbh !


    Avatar photoMeeky

    The Lucky Laggards had an interesting start. A gravedigger, a bastard, and a disowned noble walked out of a bar roaring drunk and figured that being mercenaries was probably a Hell of a lot of fun. They didn’t take their job seriously, which is probably why half of the four new hires they picked up in town died on their first mission.

    Only two of the original members are still around. The poor noble found himself on the wrong end of an orcish spear. The others have since made it a habit of killing orcs whenever possible, but within three months they’ve become a pretty strong, famous band that’s burnt orc camp after orc camp and hunted down enough brigands to actually improve the quality of life within the city of Albadst.

    The Laggards used to be a mottley bunch, but they’ve gotten more and more war-trained members as time has gone on. As of now, their numbers include the gravedigger and bastard (the noble never made it), a former raider, a tailor, a juggler, a gambler, a killer on the run, two legendary swordsmen, a retired war veteran, an experienced sellsword, and a wildman that likes hefting a giant orcish axe like it’s a plaything. Several men have died in the employ of the Lucky Laggards (those were the “Luckless” Laggards), and a few have retired peacefully (including a miner whose trouble breathing was keeping him from being useful in prolonged fights).

    The company has yet to meet werewolves, but vampires terrify their poor archers.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    My company’s name is the Brothers of Dread.

    The Brothers started out with Alfgeir the Deserter, who has now been dubbed ‘the Redeemed’ by his fellow brothers, after distinguishing himself in battle against the Orcs. The second founding member is known as Ludolf Bad Luck. He always, literally always, gets caught up in the nastiest of situations, even when I order him to protect my archers. And the last one was a disowned noble. Can’t even remember his name.

    The Brothers of Dread have had in incredibly hard start. Luckily for them, an adventurous noble called Ser Otto, now ‘the Brave’, decided to join up with them. He has guided them through many a battle, against werewolves, orcs, vampires, undead and a humongous amount of bandits. The turning point for the Borthers of Dread came when they rushed to the aid of a band of Landsknechts being overwhelmed by an army of Orc Youngs. The Brothers at the time had five men in service, and they all came out unscathed. The cash gained from this battle made sure the Brothers could sustain themselves for months.

    Now, the company’s name instill fear in the hearts of brigands and Orcs alike. The towers and keeps on the eastern frontier start cheering when the Brothers return from battle, because they know another Orcish encampment has fallen to their heroes.

    Avatar photoMitchos

    1st was the black company (from the books) witch I used as practice to figure out the game until it got wiped when they went up against a force of orcs.
    Main play through is Ravens Watch which was formed by a bowyer and two caravan hands (the Bear brothers). Unfortunately two of the the founding members have passed on the Bowyer from a stray arrow in a skirmish with bandits and the one of bear brother meet his end bravely after drawing aggro to save his comrades in a brutal battle defending a village from a horde of Orc warriors (Dam you bonus head damage). Now the company is will equipped coming out of battles with no or few if any causality’s…. unless its orcs I hate orcs

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