Reply To: pikes and the dreaded 80%

Avatar photosyric89

To clarify, by saying Pike I was referring to Billhooks.

I’ve started a new game now and find that I still miss far more than I should with Billhooks. I’m still low enough level that I don’t get near a tooltip 80% hit chance, but still hit more often at 50%-60% than I was in my previous game at 80+.

I do find I hit more often than I should with my archers at the 5%-25% range. My successful battle percentage has gone up significantly this time by having 5 archers that lob off hail mary arrows every round regardless of tooltip.

I’ve also found my life is MUCH easier if I give every melee character a spear as opposed to sword/hammer etc. Is there a natural hit% bonus to spears that is just not noted on the tooltips?