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Some of these are on the forums already soemwhere.

1) Yep, don’t see why that could not be a member. A rare one with negative effects on others. Or a half breed. There are variations.

2) Even this is fine. We are mercenaries not inquizition, anything that helps makes us stronger. Should be rare and bound by location to werevolves territory.

3) Not so sure about these. Don’t see how a battlemage could fit in this world. Maybe, like very maybe some support merlin like mage like could be a thing, with low magical ability. The necromancer, well that could be made an entire game mode like in KeeperRL when you play as the “bad guy”. Would not require much work and would be a splendid addition different to the core game. Perhaps making the evil camps to be friendly while the human settlements enemy. It would open up a lot of possibilities. Would even work as an Evil expansion tho would need much more work to validate a full expansion.

4) This is a question I was waiting with till the roadmap is announced, but hey where are the animals. It was quite common to have dogs to fight with, there were hunting dogs aswell, dog armors. Where are the wild animals? How about some low antasy beasts like giant spiders, plague rats, etc. Some could be made part of the groups like dogs, or wolves for the orcs. Some could be different mini factions like spiders. But all of them could be part of random events. Even mythical creatures like giants or ogres. A random even in the forest or hills finding a spider nest and the choise to try and gather spider silk, or while exploring a nearby cave running into a bear family. There is a lot of opportunity to work with all the other living things other than humans orcs and undead.