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    1. Orcs, so far orcs have been shown as savages but why they could be a lot of fun to work with. if it’s a balancing problem they could create moral problems for some if not all human party members
    2. Werewolves, they could be a rare member that are normal humans during the day but at night transform. could even have there own special armor for night time
    3.Necromancer/wizard with there own trait trees to help with what they can do (fire, water, air, earth and dead stuff of course)
    4. pets with wild beast coming out soon having pets like dogs,bears, horses and even birds they could also move faster, this would also help with the run away archers

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    Some of these are on the forums already soemwhere.

    1) Yep, don’t see why that could not be a member. A rare one with negative effects on others. Or a half breed. There are variations.

    2) Even this is fine. We are mercenaries not inquizition, anything that helps makes us stronger. Should be rare and bound by location to werevolves territory.

    3) Not so sure about these. Don’t see how a battlemage could fit in this world. Maybe, like very maybe some support merlin like mage like could be a thing, with low magical ability. The necromancer, well that could be made an entire game mode like in KeeperRL when you play as the “bad guy”. Would not require much work and would be a splendid addition different to the core game. Perhaps making the evil camps to be friendly while the human settlements enemy. It would open up a lot of possibilities. Would even work as an Evil expansion tho would need much more work to validate a full expansion.

    4) This is a question I was waiting with till the roadmap is announced, but hey where are the animals. It was quite common to have dogs to fight with, there were hunting dogs aswell, dog armors. Where are the wild animals? How about some low antasy beasts like giant spiders, plague rats, etc. Some could be made part of the groups like dogs, or wolves for the orcs. Some could be different mini factions like spiders. But all of them could be part of random events. Even mythical creatures like giants or ogres. A random even in the forest or hills finding a spider nest and the choise to try and gather spider silk, or while exploring a nearby cave running into a bear family. There is a lot of opportunity to work with all the other living things other than humans orcs and undead.

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    I don’t see a way for 1, 2 or 3 to work on any level within the current game. They’d either have to implement completely separate game modes or rework the lore, art and mechanics.

    I think war dogs for the bandits are on the menu.

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    None of this is going to happen, at least not in the main game.
    Just wait for the modding support… ;)

    But war dogs are on their way as companions for bandits.

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    Why would there be a need to rework the lore? Are there no orcs now? Or no werevolves? The half orcs are a commonly used asset of the fantasy genre, just as werevolves are. The lore argument is silly. Sure there would be a need for distinguishing art. But as far as mechanics it would need only minor adjustments.

    But probably you right, still would be a nice touch.

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    We want to keep things down to low power fantasy and promote a certain asymmetry between the player and the opponents in the game; Battle Brothers will always be common humans in a pseudo-medieval setting that sometimes have to go up against non-human and supernatural foes. For this reason, your first three points are never going to happen. This isn’t a balancing issue at core but a design decision on how we want the game to feel. However, wardogs are a planned feature for both the player and the bandit faction. Other animals may or may not be added as well.

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    It’s not that there are Orcs, but what kind of Orcs they are that’s important. In terms of role, Orcs so far have been shown be closer to Warhammer Orcs, rather than Warcraft Orcs. The former is a scourge, the later is a hostile nation. Same goes for Werewolves, who from what we’ve seen so far are predators who’ve lost their humanity, and Necromancers, who raise the dead to terrorise the living. They would need to add more ambiguity to their aesthetic for them to be believable as recruits, because right now they look like monsters, act like monsters and are described as monsters. The only plausible result of having them in your company would be for everyone to get killed if you ever enter a city, not to mention the effort involved in making them a viable part of the game. Like how Orc armour doesn’t drop currently because humans cannot wear it. You’d have to implement all that armour if Orcs became recruits. Most importantly however, these changes would mean that you’d be also throwing away the old folklore feeling of humanity dealing with the threats of the world and trade it in for the standard D&D flavour.
    Half-Orcs also always stand out in fantasy as blatantly not making sense as a race, though explaining why would get squicky. It’s a mimicking of the whole Uruk-hai deal without looking at the role that Saruman played.

    We want to keep things down to low power fantasy and promote a certain asymmetry between the player and the opponents in the game; Battle Brothers will always be common humans in a pseudo-medieval setting that sometimes have to go up against non-human and supernatural foes. For this reason, your first three points are never going to happen. This isn’t a balancing issue at core but a design decision on how we want the game to feel. However, wardogs are a planned feature for both the player and the bandit faction. Other animals may or may not be added as well.

    Sounds interesting. I’m guessing dogs won’t have levels like humans, but will have to indirectly be improved through a mercenary or a special companion (if upgradeable at all). Probably faster than humans, but less well armoured. Possibly useful for pinning down fast enemies and those that are fleeing.

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    Like the idea of pets, maybe even have a new class, to combine with them, like wardog trainer, or something like that.

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    Something like a swindler, who can improve the price of what you’re selling ? It’s more a new feature than a new character, thought.
    But to continue in that way, a ex-priest or monk, who can raise the loyalty of your band (or only the “religious” ones).
    A jester, in the same way, or an old captain.
    A fool ? Like a totally impotant guy, with the highest moral of all times ? Seems to be very much like the flagellant, so i’m not sure.
    Some kind of healer overtime, like an herborist or a war doctor.

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    Monks are already included in the game as a class I think, but I am not sure at the moment about the actual effect they have. And your characters can have the ‘idiot’ trait, but I assume that only affects the rate at which experience is gained. Not sure, though. The wildman class gives you quite a bit of a boost to your resolve however, so maybe that comes close to what you imagined? That’d be a battle brother and not a companion though, which I suppose you were aiming for.

    In general, I am very happy about the way the developers approach this game and the options which they grant the players. They do not make any hasty decisions and take their time to think about changes before they are implemented – as you can see further up in this topic. I can only recommend to keep it this way.
    While orcs and undead would surely be sweet characters to form a battle band with -who would not want to play a plundering orc mob or a constantly growing horde of undead- it simply would not fit into this particular game. They are the evil guys, the opponents, and a lot of the feeling you get when you play through this game comes from that. Despite your opposition being fantastic and horrible at once, stronger and tougher than humans, raise again after being slayn or lurk in the shadows unseen as you pass along, preparing the ambush – your battle brothers will still prevail.

    And this, this is exactly what makes this setting so neat. That you face an opponent which might seem overwhleming, unfathomable and the most horrible threat the small country this takes place in ever had to endure. And yet in the end, after a long while, dozends of nerve-wrecking battles and the loss of quite a few of your best men, you will come out on top. Not by the use of magic, not by the use of monstrous beast or other horrors which will cause your oponents to cower in fear, but by the use of the battle-hardened warriors your once normal humans have become.

    Therefore, I really appreciate that the developers are intended to keep magic, fantasy races and other supernatural things very low on the player side. Keep it for the enemies, to provide a great challenge you will be matched against, and which will make you fear for the life of your men even in the late stages of the game.

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    i like the idea of running an undead party replacing your dead party members with undead orcs bandits or controlling enemy undead through sheer will power

    kitting out your undead guys would be cool with zero fatigue and no food use, would i have to pay my zombies? ;)

    would make for some good earning potential and those moments where you hire beggar Alfred, beggar Alfred accidentally ran to his death in his first fight….. muhahahah ARISE SIR BONES! the leveling mechanics might be nice and easy for undead no stats but just different levels level 10-11 undead hero etc increase their chance of reanimating at higher levels

    undead Orcs, raise ghost, call ghoul

    some nice mechanics for undead to keep the necromancers in the fight might be a “captain” skill for them a sort of Boost undead over a certain range in the skill tree

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    If I correctly translated the faq is the place for companions, the game will be employed by characters who wouldn’t be involved in combat but will give certain bonuses for 12 brothers, right? Will they take one of the 12 slots or to go as an additive? Whether such a character as a blacksmith, for example, which could reduce the consumption of tools and speed fix? The Groom, Ranger – which could increase the speed of the party on the global map? So trivial a doctor, a chef with the same bonuses already on the consumption of food and medicine? Actually here it is important the very mechanics of the impact and its fine tuning under the balance of the game. While the companions you can come up with such …that only the imagination will limit. For example : the old Viking – gives a bonus to all the sheald wall , but increases the consumption of the food ) , or their brewer Krasovic – morality party increased but reduced the defense skill, and attack :)…well, you know what I mean.

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    Companions would be managed separately and wouldn’t use any of the slots used for your fighting force.

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    Yay for noncombat companions and (non-)combat animals!

    Nay for undead and werewolf party members. I like the design of mere humans against the darkness, it is what made X-COM strong. Had you been able to field psionic Greys and recruit Chryssalids, the game would’ve been powertrippy 90s shit.
    I was thinking about vampirism and lycanthropy, but I’d implement them as very rare events that basically cost you a Brother. Think “Organ Trail”, you’d basically be forced to decide whether to a) keep them along until they transform and attack you, b) put them down, c) let them go (in the knowledge you’ve released a dangerous monster into the world) or d) subdue them and try to find a cure, which if I were the game designer would probably never happen, but could lead to interesting events, e.g. villagers finding out one of your men isn’t what he seems to be.

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