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My company’s name is the Brothers of Dread.

The Brothers started out with Alfgeir the Deserter, who has now been dubbed ‘the Redeemed’ by his fellow brothers, after distinguishing himself in battle against the Orcs. The second founding member is known as Ludolf Bad Luck. He always, literally always, gets caught up in the nastiest of situations, even when I order him to protect my archers. And the last one was a disowned noble. Can’t even remember his name.

The Brothers of Dread have had in incredibly hard start. Luckily for them, an adventurous noble called Ser Otto, now ‘the Brave’, decided to join up with them. He has guided them through many a battle, against werewolves, orcs, vampires, undead and a humongous amount of bandits. The turning point for the Borthers of Dread came when they rushed to the aid of a band of Landsknechts being overwhelmed by an army of Orc Youngs. The Brothers at the time had five men in service, and they all came out unscathed. The cash gained from this battle made sure the Brothers could sustain themselves for months.

Now, the company’s name instill fear in the hearts of brigands and Orcs alike. The towers and keeps on the eastern frontier start cheering when the Brothers return from battle, because they know another Orcish encampment has fallen to their heroes.