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Oh well I just wrote an essay over on the Feedback Forum…. guess the last part should have gone here.

Things I would really like to see in the final game:

1.Earning acces to some locations, just marching into a fortress and buying the best gear around could be unlocked by difficult tasks to make it more rewarding to get your hands on Plate Armour.

2.Some way to save a “destroyed armour”, every Undead basically is already equipped with “destroyed armour”, its just something that feels a bit off.

3.Maps. I don’t have any problem with them being expensive, vague and them not revealing the exact location. I just want to be able to find the real lategame stuff somehow. There should be someone who has seen the friggin goblin capital from afar somewhere.

4.Some more variety in quests, 1vs1 “knight” tournaments (like the tjosting event just as an actual fight), the below mentioned siege and bounty hunting come to mind

5.Siege events/maps for attacked villages and towns (they tend to take a while, so maybe even breaking a siege/reconquering as a quest?), maybe even including siege weapons and destroyable gates.

6.Fog of war on the worldmap to be aware of current vision range.

7.As well as some “caravan indicator” because lets face it caravan quests are good as they are but we all try to explore a bit along the way and accidentially went a bit to far a few times.

8.Visual highlighing for locations, important names, rewards and cardinal directions in quests.

9.Cavalry, really, limit them but please make it possible, Wolfriders are in the game after all.

10.Please consider 2 assigned leaders. One real Leader that levels leadership skills along levels and one 2nd in command with a more…. direct approach to keep moral up.

11.More levels and classes already starting at certain levels. Thus a Caravanhand can be as good as a Hedge Knight but will need considerably longer because the Hedge Knights already starts at lvl 15 while the Caravan Hand is a lvl 5.

This game is already very enjoyable and isn’t even close to its full potential yet.
Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work!