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    Glad you’re enjoying the game! In fact the coming update will include some AI improvements – including better decision making of when to go on the offense and when to stay on the defense. Goblins use quite a defensive approach to battle, so they most benefit from this, but all intelligent opponents factor this into their behavior now. There’s a lot more I want to do in terms of formation and tactics, like the good examples you’ve given, but it will have to wait a bit longer :)

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    Thanks for the quick reply(wasn’t really expecting a reply).

    Good luck with all that coding.

    Avatar photoTerik27

    Thanks Devs for such a great game! Been looking for another medieval style game for awhile now and this hit the spot.

    The one thing I wish this had however, was the ability to perhaps design one character within your Band while leaving the other two random. While it may open it up to creating extremely OP characters, that could be fixed by implementing something like Project Zomboid’s character creation, where good traits could be selected, but have to be balanced out in point value with negative traits, so that while your character may be a strong, iron lunged hedge knight, he’s also insecure, craven, and a bleeder. As well as gaining the ability to be more in touch with your band, It would allow the game to designate a character as a commander, and open up a whole new world of interactions based upon his traits and background. If your character is craven, perhaps he doesn’t command as much respect from his brave or determined comrades, or has different choices during interactions.

    All in all this game has been a ton of fun I hope you guys can work on this and more down the road.

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    About the only thing that really bugs me about the game is having to endlessly click on a bandit or orc group I’m trying to hunt down. It would be sweet if there was an easy way to have the BattleBrothers target a group and keep following them until they run ’em down.

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    Some random ideas

    1:Has the idea of adding non-combatants to your mercenary band come up? Naturally, any fighting force needs support of one form or another. Examples could be a dedicated smith who improves the speed and effect of repairs, making them require fewer tools, courtesans who would increase your men’s base morale, chefs and quartermasters who would make better food, maybe giving morale or max fatigue bonuses, armorers who over time make small improvements to arms and armor giving small bonuses to durability, damage, or penetration, couriers and runners who bring word of new contracts from other towns. I’m sure that there are all kinds of other roles that could fill out a band of mercenaries to help in their own ways.

    2: I know the goal is a low fantasy, grim kind of game, but there are necromancers, undead, and mentions of dark magic. Is there potential of the battle brothers ever getting their hands on any of said occult secrets? Filling out your roster with a few undead could add an interesting dynamic, and could open up a host of events as the living battle brothers may recoil at the possibility of becoming the resident necromancer’s next pet, may desert out of fearful superstition, or perhaps thank the necromancer for the aid provided by his minions.

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    Avatar photoRa

    1. Battle Formations (!)

    Let player deploy soldiers in some restricted area in any order. Current “old guys in the center, new on the edges and archers at the back” doesn’t always work (especially in the forests, current forest maps are hell and require some polish imo)

    2. Other mercenary companies roaming the world.

    3. Enemy civilian locations

    Orc villages and such. Being a mercenary and not pillaging villages doesn’t make any sense.

    4. Ambushes

    Option to set up an ambush anywhere/on the roads – give ability to choose some favourable deployment zone, maybe some bonuses. Maybe add some defensive barricades and traps?

    Avatar photoLaricus

    Loving this game! Devs have done a great job so far! After several hours of play, I think I have a good grasp of the game and I do have some suggestions. If someone mentioned these already, consider me seconding the suggestion. I realize it’s early access, but here are my thoughts.

    1. Make bag slots appear as skill icons on the tactical screen.
    I like to put secondary weapons or javelins into my bags, and changing weapons requires me to open inventory and do a swap. Would be easier to just have a button on the tactical view to click on.

    2. Add bandages, potions, or food. Just something that can heal a character a modest flat or percentage amount. Non-stackable. Cost a lot of AP. Up to devs to decide on balancing, but sometimes my guys get hurt bad and I’m forced to retreat or lose that guy. A field heal with give the guy a small second wind during battle.

    3. More tactical consumables. Molotov cocktail? Caltrops? Bear traps? Poison darts? Just looking for more variety.

    4. Changes to ranged combat between units on different elevation; if my archer is way up on a hill shooting at lower targets, he should be able to attack any target within range without the ‘blocked’ penalty. Just physics I guess.

    5. I rarely use shield wall and riposte against the enemy types that avoid them, because they almost always avoid them. Should change this to a % chance of avoidance, perhaps determined by level and combat skill, just not 100% avoidance.

    6. I hate when the enemy runs away during combat as well as on the world map. On the world map it becomes a click fest. On the tactical I just keep end turning until the enemy retreats because it hard to catch them and not really fun to chase after them.

    7. Add randomization to weapon damage and durability, as well as to armor durabilities within some set range. This way we’ll always be on the lookout for slightly better gear.

    8. Have named mobs drop an item with some additional stat or skill.
    Like more chance to hit, poison, less AP required, more range?

    9. The games seems to lack a story right right now, but I assume devs are working on it. Constantly escorting caravans and finding areas gets dull after a while.

    10. Deeper character progression. On level up, let character gain a bonus to melee and range skills, hit points, maybe even Max fatique and action points?

    11. Spiked shields. ?

    12. Torches for night time combat. At the expense of one battle brother’s shield hand, you could illuminate the area for an x tile radius to increase chance to hit for friend and foe. Will not work during rainy nights.

    13. Fog of war on the world map. Two types. Pitch black for areas you’ve never visited and grayed out for areas out of your party’s sight. Right now, I can’t keep track of where I have and haven’t been. I’ve probably covered the same ground multiple times. Basically asking for the same fog of war on the world map as we have on the tactical map.

    Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to the next update.

    Avatar photoscaryned

    Hi. :3
    First time on the forums and I already love the community.

    So far, I have enjoyed this game to the fullest. In fact, I don’t even think it needs too many more features (aside from future updates of course :p )

    However. One thing that I think is crucial to the game would be the ability to observe the battle field once the fight is over.

    I absolutely love the art style, which is why it’s infuriating to be thrown into the stat window immediately when the battle is over. I almost start cranning my neck from side to side in a feeble attempt to see the field behind the loot screen.

    There needs to be a button of some kind to hide the stat screen to observe the battle field. Cause the artwork just looks so cool before and after the fight. Whether it was a giant massacre between 20 people and 10 werewolves. Or an epic stand on the peak of a hill surrounded by goblin and wolf corpses. It would be great to admire that sort of stuff.

    Oh, and make horses :3

    I hope you consider this as both a request and as a compliment towards your awesome art. (Especially the stuff behind that evil stat screen)


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    So I’ve played for 94 hours, and I really enjoy the replay ability of the game. One thing I’ve thought of, just to consider, is as it stands there are sort of tiers for weapons. What if, within those tiers there was some randomness to the stats of the individual weapons,so that every weapon is unique from each other. So not one axe is identical exactly but similar. This could also lead to the ability to rename armor and weapons, or that weapons and armor earn titles after achieving certain feats. We all know a battle brother or 5 might die, but their historic weapon could live on with its earned titles.

    This also could promote finding out if certain cities produce higher quality weapons within the already established tiers.

    I know that legendary weapons are planned, but I thought this might be another more well rounded way to have a special piece of equipment at every point of the game (early,mid, and late).

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I second the suggestion to observe the battlefield after the fight.
    Another one is a prompt question before overwriting any saves.

    Avatar photoTeslarod

    Oh well I just wrote an essay over on the Feedback Forum…. guess the last part should have gone here.

    Things I would really like to see in the final game:

    1.Earning acces to some locations, just marching into a fortress and buying the best gear around could be unlocked by difficult tasks to make it more rewarding to get your hands on Plate Armour.

    2.Some way to save a “destroyed armour”, every Undead basically is already equipped with “destroyed armour”, its just something that feels a bit off.

    3.Maps. I don’t have any problem with them being expensive, vague and them not revealing the exact location. I just want to be able to find the real lategame stuff somehow. There should be someone who has seen the friggin goblin capital from afar somewhere.

    4.Some more variety in quests, 1vs1 “knight” tournaments (like the tjosting event just as an actual fight), the below mentioned siege and bounty hunting come to mind

    5.Siege events/maps for attacked villages and towns (they tend to take a while, so maybe even breaking a siege/reconquering as a quest?), maybe even including siege weapons and destroyable gates.

    6.Fog of war on the worldmap to be aware of current vision range.

    7.As well as some “caravan indicator” because lets face it caravan quests are good as they are but we all try to explore a bit along the way and accidentially went a bit to far a few times.

    8.Visual highlighing for locations, important names, rewards and cardinal directions in quests.

    9.Cavalry, really, limit them but please make it possible, Wolfriders are in the game after all.

    10.Please consider 2 assigned leaders. One real Leader that levels leadership skills along levels and one 2nd in command with a more…. direct approach to keep moral up.

    11.More levels and classes already starting at certain levels. Thus a Caravanhand can be as good as a Hedge Knight but will need considerably longer because the Hedge Knights already starts at lvl 15 while the Caravan Hand is a lvl 5.

    This game is already very enjoyable and isn’t even close to its full potential yet.
    Keep up the good work!
    Keep up the good work!

    Avatar photomrnightmare

    Ammo should be like food and tools i shouldn’t be wasting full packs when i only fired one arrow. I would also like to see some kind of customization with my characters whether being able to chose uniform colors for each guy or just being able to choose how my first three guys look.

    Avatar photoCaveira

    Would be cool to see some pavise shields,they should be very resistant but also more heavy,and maybe add a bigger bonus to the shieldwall ability.

    Avatar photoUlrich


    I would love to see an icon in the battle for archer which shows that this archer is out of munitions, because few times i was cunfused why i cant to shoot?

    I love this game.

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    Avatar photoRap

    Good point. We’ll add this.

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