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    I’m strolling around doing patrol quests on deadly difficulty, fighting the good fight, losing a quite a few guys here and there to tough battles. Then I encounter a mission to raid a goblin hideout. This particular hideout has 27 freaking goblins. 27. I like a challenge but what am I suppose to do here? With a limit of 12 men, I’m not seeing any chance of winning this fight. Goblins are very well equipped, have tons of debuffs like nets and poison, rarely miss attacks, and start the round surrounding me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to fight 27 ghouls, thugs, or lesser undead, but goblins? I wouldn’t mind taking on this many and lose 4-5 men, but I’ma need a squad bigger than 12 to hammer this nail on the head!

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    Yeah, goblins are probably the worst thing to fight in such large numbers. In normal numbers (12-15) I’d argue they’re way easier than orcs, but 27 of them? The debuffs would cripple any army into oblivion.

    I HAVE stumbled across a hideout with 30 ghouls, by the way. That was a little too easy. It’d be more fun if ghouls had some sort of ghoulish leader that could rally them, give them higher attack bonuses, etc.

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    Latest update should reduce the number of goblins. But I think goblins need a bit of rebalancing: their stats are pretty high right now especially when encountered in the early game. But its hilarious that folks seem to fear goblin packs more than orc packs, lol.

    I’m surprised the undead haven’t been beefed up with end-game units.

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    Well, the undead should still have vampires. Vampires + necromancers + ghosts + fallen knights = a really dangerous battle. I’ve fought something similar to that before. I couldn’t beat it at the time. But in my current game (which is over 80 days now), I haven’t fought any vampires, ghosts, or fallen knights, and those are the most dangerous things in the present undead retinue.

    It’s ghouls specifically that need some sort of ringleader. They’re easy to kill / drive off, which is good, but there should be situations where they’re incredibly dangerous, and I really haven’t seen a situation like that crop up.

    I can’t say whether or not goblins need rebalancing right now. I’ve fought them lots of times before this update, but in my present game I’ve only encountered wolfriders.

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    So…I have in a new update 2 overseer’s crossbows. yes I’m a little know how to fight with these vile creatures, but …is 27 -… hmm perhaps I would not agree to such a contract. it is really a bit much

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    Oh, thought only I had no undead forces on my maps but seems the skeletons and other stronger undeads are hiding again on the edges of the maps.

    Those big camps, as far as I understand it, should spawn groups that go out and construct new camps. It might be that your timing was very bad. Or some raiding groups returned to base.

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    I’ve done it, actually, but was only able to with an extremely armored team :D (110 – 180 armors)

    And it wasn’t fun. All the founding members were killed.

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