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    My hardened band of mercenaries, the Towermen (all named after tarot cards) stumbled upon a mass grave, and were overtaken by a mass of lost souls, screaming out from beneath the bones. Seriously a terrifying force to fight – since my men are so heavily armoured, their initiative is shite, and you can imagine what 14 consecutive lost souls screaming can do…not to mention that all their armour is for naught.

    Seriously loving the game so far, I think I have 20+ hours sunk into it. It was funny – when I was starting out, I kept getting torn apart by werewolves, and now that I actually have a force I’m comfortable with, I can’t find them at all. My men can confidently shred anything except for orc warriors & warlords. Been fighting the undead recently, and definitely have to change my tactics for that. Still can’t find any werewolves or vampires.

    Also, really loving the writing in the game – I’ve seen the game get lots of praise so far, but no one ever mentions the fantastic writing. I really enjoy it, fits the art and mood of the game perfectly. :)

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    Yep, had the same problem with werevolves vampires lost souls, just couldn’t find any when my force was up to the challenge. For a looong time, then found all of them in one place.

    About the writing, yep it is quite nice, liked to read all the text but found that there is not that much in yet.

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