Topic: Behind every strong man is a Stronger woman.

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    Cudos! AWESOME Game! TYTYTY <(^.^<)

    Hey devs,
    We need you to make us a character for a healer. A healer during battle (Preferable to be a nurse, a nun, a witchdoctor wild-woman, or any female peasant beggar who wants to give the fellas a mid-battle hit-point boost). Healing Characters can not “fight” but has assorted bonus skills for action points, fatigue, morale, traps, poisons, etc. Character is not restricted to ground movement like the battle-bros she can ride on a horse and cart for added HP and Def. Cart can store one wounded Battle Brother at a time. (Terrain causing a very difficult problem for the Brothers when the Cart is slow in forrest, slower/fatigued in mountain terrain, and immobile in swamp battle.) o_O <-btw that last suggestion is just evil but makes for good damsel in distress scenario.
    That’s about it for the Ol’ Ball and Chain.

    Hey devs,
    Can we get some duel-wielding?

    Hey devs,
    Pirates, Vikings, Indians, Slaves, Ninjitsu, and Samurai joining the Raiders faction? Right?

    Hey devs,
    While you are asleep, I am up late as hell into the a.m. starlight. I was there in the Black Forrest. I drank espresso coffee and ate several bags of crap from the gas station. I had to pee like a few hours ago… But just one more attempt to beat those 14 Raiders with my 6 man team. Thank you so much for such an difficult game! SOooooooooooooo much fun! Just seeing if Heals is a viable option to help balance the Permadeath…. death… death… DEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTHHHHHHHH >_<

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