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    Also will the bodyshape have any relation to traits like fat, strong or athletic?

    The plan is to link the bodyshape to a characters max hitpoints, so it may change over the course of the game.

    Was this idea/mechanic discarded, or not implemented yet? If it’s not, and already implemented, then there is clearly a bug somewhere, because:

    A freshly hired fragile cultist with 38 hp (base should be 48, as his trait give -10, but we’re looking at Max hp, right?) was generated having strongest-looking body shape, same body shape as characters with 60+ or 90+ hp have, or any other for that matter –

    Fragile Cultist (yeah, right!)

    And you can’t really imagine characters having less than 30 hp, so there is no place for maneuver so to speak. So i presume, less than 40 definitely should look scrawny, like it was shown here in first row:

    Taken from Dev Blog #47: Progress Update – Wardogs, Armor Mechanics, Visual Makeover .

    Specially to confirm it i hired and fired about a hundred mercs with various backgrounds in different words and everyone had the same body, save for every flagellant, which all had scar marks. Even a Beggar hired for 35 Crowns had same physique as Tough Lumberjacks and Sellswords or Noble, or you name it..

    And even if there is no code for body shape change in regards to hitpoints or traits, since there are two other body shapes in game already (as anyone can see in Barber shop), but all characters being generated with same body, there is something amiss.

    Please check it. Thank you.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    Regarding tattoos and scars on body and face, when you enter Barber shop and select the Brother which have them he will be shown without them:

    Cultist –

    Wildman –

    Flagellant –

    And if you press [accept] he will lose any scars and tattoo on face permanently, since there are no options for scars at all and tattoo on face.

    PS: also i hired one glitched Cultist Bro, for he was so clean and pure, while his trait description said he has a tatoos on face..

    Avatar photoMeeky

    My Wildmen keep their tattoos when I use the barber shop. The shop just doesn’t show the tattoos.

    I noticed the body shape issue as well, though. I was a little surprised to realize all the battle brothers had the same body type.

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