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    Hello Guys,

    What do you think about possibility to generate your character in the beginning of the game. It may be optional. Since you have done a lot to explain why a character you play with, is not added to the party, it may very well be his childhood friend or battle comrade. I realize that in battle brothers all party members are expendable, but for some reason you have invested a hell of a job to the stories behind each person, so they feel alive. I am offering to add a set of questions that will influence the personality of your “childhood friend”. The influence may randomize, the questions may be either serious or humorous. I think this feature is worth to have in a long run.

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    That will definitely lead to endless reloading and tonns of frustration over losing this one character to a random arrow or hit. Besides there will be barber shops later on that allow to change the visual of a character, and you can change the name already.

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    No. The barber is already in the game, btw.

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    What I am saying is that there is already a way to develop personal attachment to the character, tonns of reloading and frustration is already there :) (barber, backstories for each and every guy, etc.) And there are guys like me who do not get frustrated over the need of “endlessly reloading” that is why this feature should be optional. But it is just a suggestion so feel free to turn it down if you don’t like it.

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    Nice, did not find one yet. That means all you have to do is hire some guy who is good enought for you as an avatar and go change him up.

    With the avatar the problem imo is that when he dies the game should be over right, but at the same time it shouldn’t cuz you are the commander. This kind of confusion would not go well. But I’m still remembering suggestions from early stage of EA about this. It all ended up with either no personalization or being able to very limited customization for your first three dudes. Something like one of the rimworld mods do where you have a pool of points that you can buy items perks backgrounds from. With the current state of the game still do not see an avatar thing being good, but the starting dudes customization might be quite amusing.

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