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    Not sure if this will be implemented, but it would be seriously wicked if the elevations went higher than 1 unit.

    Seems like you guys are going to do that, based on what the Push Back action seems to be implying.

    Just have a look at the upcoming game ‘WarTile’ to see what I mean.

    I admit, I haven’t been in the other biomes (other than grasslands and forests) yet, so maybe higher elevations are already present.

    That all said, maybe it would be cool to have even grasslands/forests have overall slopes (larger hills/contours made from several hexes), rather than just individual hex ‘plateaus’. (You know those novelty things where it’s a grid of ‘pins’, and you stick your hand/face in it, and all the pins contour to form your hand/face?… Think of that, except with the hexes… A smooth fractal pattern drives the height of the hexes, rather than (what seems to be) just random hexes being ‘1 higher’.)

    Avatar photoSky

    There is elevation higher already in game and always was. You can find it when fighting on hills or montains. The “random elevations of 1” are on flatland mainly.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    Just go to Main Menu -> Scenarios -> ‘Defend the Hill’, and you’ll see the much desired high elevations.

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