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    Hi guys,

    one this that in my opinion would be an easy and awesome change: I want to be able to arrest fleeing enemies. Happens to me every second battle it feels that I have surrounded a fleeing bandit leader with that awesome armor. But I don’t get it because I have to kill him, hence destroy the armor first.

    There would be a couple of ways to go for this, I think:

    1) If you are standing next to a fleeing enemy, you’ll get a new action like “capture enemy” or so. Maybe only if you have >1 bro next to him. Then the enemy disappears from the battlefield and you’ll get this stuff.

    2) When you go for the “capture” action, the enemy is tied up like in a spiders web or below a net – just that he cannot do anything. But the other enemies have the chance to free him. Could work in both ways, meaning that human enemies will do the same for your fleeing bros.

    3) If the enemy is unlikely to escape (you have him surrounded for example), he’ll just surrender and disappears from the battlefield.

    Any thoughts on my idea?


    PS: Great game, of course!


    I do like this idea. Arresting an enemy would absolutely have a tactical advantage — less broken equipment. And it would have a certain amount of risk — enemy trying to break free (which I imagine would depend on their resolve stat). Fun idea if well executed. I’d really like to see it.


    Thanks for the support! Good idea with the resolve test!


    i personally think this idea sucks, and i will tell you there already are awesome ways to grab the armor off the dirty brigand leader, but i wont spoil it because its a great part of game exploring the possibilities for yourself! keep playing, and you will discover many more ways of playing


    I think the former lord commander would most likely to disagree with your “awesome ways” Maksi


    This is an excellent suggestion. Maybe there could be an added quest type: capturing enemies and rivals alive (you only get paid or you only get paid the full amount if they are captured alive). Maybe you could also capture nobles and ransom them (for a rep hit with that family).

    Your hostage could take a slot on your roster. They might try to escape and others might try to rescue them.

    Oh, maybe there could be an additional quest type: transport prisoner(s). Like a delivery quest, but you have to transport a person (often against their will). You could also ‘escort’ a daughter to an arranged marriage–but where her lover might try to intervene). Etc.


    More than a year ago, I already wrote that the existing system ” surround and spam daggers” of fleeing opponents spoils the game. I agree with this suggestion. Let those who love sexual games with daggers continue to do this – but give normal players a different way of getting armor. Normally time-consuming, relatively complex and logical.


    I made some improvements about retreat in my mod ( – when you prees button “it’s over” all enemies engaged with your men drop their loot as if they were killed.

    So I took up this part of mod – you can try. And as usually md can have conflicts with another one.


    I mean, there is a new addon coming. Maybe the devs have a look at this channel ;)

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