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    Hah, finally I’ve finished general work under Talented in Perks and start to test all changes.

    So, I decided to make each brother more defferent than other and also make an influence of background to brother capacity. As I wrote before, every background has 6 possible perks to improve and brother has 50% chance to get each of them. It creates more specific place in fight if you decided to use it.
    For example “Shield expert” being Talented reduces cost of next turn Shieldwall skill, so your brother can hold position longer than other one. Perks like “Colossus” just give more stats and you will really desire a brother with Talented Colossus and 3 stars in Hitpoints, and if he also has trait for +10 Hitpoints – be sure, you will never find similar one.

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    Also we had a discussion on this forum about try-out and gambling around hiring brothers. For this reason, I removed try-out and made all stats initially visible. But you must pay more for better man – daily wage now has modifier depended on talents, perks and some trait.

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    Some Quality of Life:
    1)Fleeing and engaged enemies drop their loot when you press It’s over button.
    I was fed up with “knife game” for several rounds, so it just saves time and a bit items, cause you need only one guy to engage enemy. Also if anyone doesn’t know – after showing dialog about retreat, you can arise it again from menu.

    Avatar photolaViper

    Modding – hard to start, but hard to stop :)

    Also I have some plan about economic system, but firstly decide to cgather more information.
    So create Budget Screen – income/outcome for each day, but better show by week.

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    I will release new version of mod after several tests in one or two weeks, cause I even can’t pass through the 100th day. And unfortunately still find small bugs.

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    Let me chime in:
    1) Don’t mix all the things in one package. Crafting/perks rebalance/reports should be stand-alone. That generates more value for a end user, as its easily customaseable by picking relevant parts.
    2) If you are trying to make reports, get an idea of what are you trying to do. Google for a Cash flow statement. It is presented in a different way.
    3) Proper balance should be maintained. If you empower player by giving more potent perks – you should buff opposition accordingly. Overpowered player leads to a boring game.

    Not trying to be mean, imho, it will save your time in the long run. Focus at one thing at a time.

    Avatar photolaViper

    1)There is one problem with spliting mod into several parts – I modify whole files, so these parts willn’t work together cause will have changes same files in different ways.
    Crafting contains bags and changes around “Bags and Belts” perk and Mod with perks changes contains new “Bags and Belts” perk as one of new. Report – Budget Screen – touch Assets Manager file cause spenting and earning money go through this Manager, but again “Bags and Belts” needs this manager to refill ammo.

    So if someone needs only part of this changes I can try to get out into separated mod.

    2)Don’t catch the message a bit. Such type of table was chosen cause new data will be added on bottom as row and also UI has vertical scroll. So amount of columns is constant and I take them as most important (for me to) – contracts and looting are main flow of income. Wages and assets are daily or at least weekly spendings. Other – column for events and all small money changes.
    Repairing and buing items – that moment I want to gather information about.

    3)Balance. It’s a bit hard cuase I don’t try to abuse my changes and don’t play as perfect as someone play.
    At first new recipes already break balance cause you get something extra as tactical tool in battle. But you pay money for it – is it fair? I think yes, cause I could spent these money on better guy or equipment.
    About first wave of per changes – I don’t try to improve good perks, so don’t forget for each perk you also pay using Perk Point. If you take a changed perk, you take it instead of another perk.

    About improved perks – enemies also use new version with all bonuses.

    Some of these perks are amened a bit like
    Bags and Belts (+50% quiver amount instead of 2 bag slots). This changes has appeared cause I add bags as items, this perk gives nothing for archers in late game in comparison with version without mod in which you can make large quiver with 15 ammo.
    Taunt (next using these turn cost 33%), Steel Brow (50% protect against stun and daze once per turn) and Shield Expert (start with shieldwall if possible) – just slightly improved.

    Nimble (as old Dodge with 20% bonus), Lone Wolf (Gain stats based on Resolve and has penalty instead of total removing when allie stays near), Fearsome (Decrease enemies resolve based on your Resolve as Wolf wear), Killing Frenzy (Gain damage bonus based on HitPoints 0.3% per each current) – this high-level perk becomes based on character stats, you just can’t take it for every one.

    Dodge – Gain +5 defence per each tile moved. I think this perk is so powerful at start when you don’t have heavy gear. In fact I just replace Nimble with it. This version is a bit hard-estimated cause on the one hand you can get +20 defence just move 4 tiles, on the other hand Barbarians have 115 INI and Dodge, what means they have up to +17 defence in original game, but drop it down when they start fighting. In my mod when they get position they lose all bonus – so may be I have to replace their Dodge perk with new Nimble, but It will take some time.
    As player I use Dodge for few guys who will go in backline and I don’t worry a lot about engaging enemies with them.

    Pathfinder Restore 1AP with first move each turn.
    I have big doubts about powerful of this changes. At first – old pathfinder gives nothing if you fight on flat-grass battleground. It gives nothing if you don’t move. With my changes it can give you extra attack like an 1+4+4 (1+2+2+4) or 1+2+6 AP spending on moving and skills. It really increase battle speed for me, cause I don’t wait till enemy comes to me.
    But as I said before – enemies also use new pathfinder, for example ghouls also gain extra attack if they stay in one tile distance. Acients move 5 tiles instead of 4. Only Direwolf don’t get anything cause they have 12AP total and 4AP skill-cost.

    It looks extremly good, but still don’t work when you just stay and fight. You can’t just over your man having 3AP or spend like this 4+4+1 for archers.

    Avatar photolaViper

    About talented in perks. Point fo balance here is also money. As you can see, I pay more for my guys if they have a lot of stars and good traits.

    I even pay more than in original version if they have no talents at all cause they have stars in stats. Each star over one cost 10% – so even my basic brothers ask 110-120% wage. Of course I don’t pay for Try Out – I think it’s a bit unfair, it’s gambling without your ingame skill.

    Finally this changes just improve a bit low-quality background – they can have same price as “noble” without talents.
    For example this guy ask about 200% – Iron lugs, 3+2+2 stars and 5 talents. And I start spending more money from first level when he didn’t have any profit from talents, and no guarantee that I’m wishing to take all five talented perks.

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    Generally I spent 50% more for wages (400 vs 270) for having talents. Is it fair? It of course depends on what I get from talents.
    Such as Colossus gain extra 10% (Student and Fortified Mind) and student is common among citizens, you will never get it on knight or raider.
    Fast Adaptation and Dodge keep 50% of bonus on reset (hitting or turn start)
    and so on.

    For me most valuable in tactical way became Taunt (it gain +2 range), so my man with perfect defence stats can get fire on him from archers.
    Next one – Rotation, talent decreases cost of skill after fisrt in turn. So you can change an positions of your guys in better way.
    Brawny – starts also influence on weapon and shied, so it just a bit fatigue bonus.

    So I can’t say it makes my brothers overpowered, but it makes them different, and now I spent a lot of time to check avaliable men during hiring.

    Not trying to be mean, imho, it will save your time in the long run. Focus at one thing at a time.

    About crafting – I have some ideas about few new recipes, but anyway crafting is limited in two ways: what trophies you need to spent and what you will get as result. Also potions influence on balance, cause you take in battle more “value” even if you spend money on it.

    About perks – I think I’ve finished main part and than I need to make only balance and bug fixes.

    Next and I hope last part of changes will be around Origins, cause most of them dont’ have proper influence on game and battle at first.

    *I also make some Quality of Life changes if something annoy me a lot.
    For example – Beast Slayers in my mod start with Taxedermist in first town. By this origin I gain 50% more trophies but can’t use it to craft! It’s really stupid.
    Also I write about morale chack problem or problem with charmed persons – so I decided to fix it by myself.
    Or another one – Puncture don’t get bonus with free off hand. Looks balanced? But it means that you don’t get penalty with heavy shield in offhand – it’s also a bit strange. I don’t want to improve this kind of attack, so -10% hitchance with free offhand and -20% with shiled or something else.

    Avatar photolaViper

    After all, I think only 3 moments need to be resolved in nearest future.
    -Barbarians should gain Nimble instead of Dodge, cause they are created as high INI fighters. In any cases with new Dodge they lose their strength a bit.

    -About Killing Frenzy – I tried to make it depended on Hitpoints, but any brother has 50-60 hitpoints, so he will gain +15-18% bonus damage. That enormous. But I still want to give a lot for 100HP men. So may be I change calculation of bonus from this perk. Like +0.5% damage bonus per each HP over 50. So it will give +25% per 100HP men and just 5% for 60HP men.

    -About Dodge – I don’t decided about how profitable it should be. Main problem that all bonus disappear next turn. So currently I’m thinking about concept – slow gain + slow down. Gain +2 or +3 defence per each tile, and than lose only 1-1.5 stack each turn.

    About pathfinder, it definitely becomes stronger. But with new DLC it perfectly fit into Bow vs Crossbow and Polearm Mastery.
    Now man with crossbow can make a step and shot-reload, but with bow not. So pathfinder resolves this moment.
    In original you can make 2 steps and polearm attack only with Polearm Mastery, with my mod pathfinder gives it from 2lvl – that moment makes me worry about it.

    But now with rebalance crossbow skill cost, it’s really cool that Pathfinder and Polearm Mastery work together.
    Hybrid can make a step (1), crossbow shot (2) and polearm attack (5). Man with just Polearm Mastery and Berserk can make 2 steps (1+2) and 2 attacks if kill someone (5+5).

    Avatar photolaViper

    Finally fix few bug, and I hope I’m ready to release last version of mod.

    So from last time I also added two new perks cause changing killing frenzy makes rangers a bit weaker.
    1)So first new perk gives +5% range damage per each hit up to 20%, but bonus resets if you move or change weapon (you still can use rotation and footwork).
    2)Another one is perfect for hybrid style – it gives 10% of melee skill as ranged skill and vise versa. Also it gives +5 to relevant skill per each weapon perk over one (Having bow and crossbow mastery gives +5 to ranged skill, having bow, axe and mace mastery only +5 to melee).

    Avatar photolaViper

    Finally another part of mod has finished. During this work I tried to make a focus on taking new experience from origins and increasing influence from buildings in towns.

    For some origins there is no difference in mid or late game, you just hire new brothers and use same equipment and tactic as before. So I tried to give battle feature for three origin – Poachers, Raiders and Deserters. These three origins gain their race ability:
    1)Poachers gain ability to reply attack if they wear light equipment (like Nimble rule), only 4AP or less attack can be replied into last target.
    So Poachers can lay a dozen arrows on their enemies or can use hight fatigue attack for reply like stun.
    Poacher skill
    2)Deserters gain extra melee or ranged skill if adjusted brother stay with same kind of weapon. Lines of spears can better stand against waves of enemies. On the other hand your men’s mood increases slowly and drops faster.
    3)Raiders gain ability for revenge attack if they get hit on HP, but your men lose ability to Wait – go forward and no step back!

    And however Beast Hunters already have their own battle style based on my new recipes they also gain unique recipes as “race ability”. New item Soaked Meat carring in bag gives unleashed dog some bonus.
    Dog meat

    Buy and repair system
    I have this idea from the first day in Battle Brother, It’s a bit strange that you can restore totally destroyed item even Named or Legendary. A grind-kind balance of prices makes bandits a very valueable target, all my previous games I got all new tier gear from them cause it’s much cheaper than buy in town.
    So my new system changes prices in armor/Weaponsmiths and fletchers from 125% to 85% and now all gear lose their max conditions after repair – 1 max point on each 20 repaired points. And getting gear as loot also have a few max points lost.
    Repairing items by smiths doesn’t break it and to prevent losing Named and Legendary item, it no longer has auto-repairing if equiped. You can fix such items on stash or bring to smith.

    1)Your items for sale now show % of basic cost in market.
    2)Talented perks now have special frame.
    3)A few events around food that increase or decrease mood.
    4)Paints now have another rule to be added into marketplace – having barbershop instead of being big town.
    5)Hexes get 1 extra turn cooldown for Hex ability but gain new skill – Curse Of Weakness which reduces melee/ranged skill and dealing damage, and can be casted twice a turn after charmed.

    Avatar photoAbel

    Interesting ideas. I’ll definitely give this mod a look.
    Did you draw the icons by yourself?

    Avatar photolaViper

    No, I just grab out from WoW or Diablo like last ones. At least it has similar style as battle brother.

    Avatar photolaViper

    Fixed few bugs:
    -with % of current condition of shields
    -with image of named bows
    -with price of item below zero
    -with recharging throwing weapons by assets
    -named items no longer lose max conditions at first time looting

    Shields now drop on ground when it’s splited by axe as last hit – so after battle you will get your shield back with 0 condition. I don’t test this yet.
    My potions – wolf’s and raptor’s become a bit stronger and all version last 2 days. After Dessert release I think I will make them working like others.

    Also add UI improvement
    now you can see any stat of all your men in list.

    Avatar photolaViper

    A few fixes :)

    Avatar photolaViper

    Version of mod compatible with new DLC.

    Also add few changes:
    1)Two new perks: “Shield Bash” and “Encourage”.
    2)Bags and Belts – gives 40% to ammo and +5% damage from Double Grip. Double if talented.
    3)Nine Lives – If talented double bonus for defence stats.
    4)Rally the Troops – if Talented, once per battle at the start of the turn if any ally in range is fleeing will be used for free.

    OOps – have trouble with attachments :(

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