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    I realize this would technically be a UI overhaul… but here goes.

    I think it would be great if the store screen was full screen, and displayed not only the store/player stash, but also the paper doll of each of the player’s crew. This way, you could not only give specific characters equipment on purchase, but would also be able to see what each character currently has (rather than jumping back and forth between the Store and Character Inventory screens).

    Avatar photoSky

    UI will be done last. And hopefully there will be more user friendly ui overhauls with more info around using up the whole screen space instead of just the middle bit.

    Avatar photoFraidieponge

    At least a way to quickly compare equipped equipement, like eventually the “card” of your bros is remplaced by the “card” of the equipped element you are looking in the shop/in inventory, it would be a really quick way to see what you might need to change.

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