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    Hello every one,

    it is not my language so.. I sorry about the mistakes in the text.

    New Faction; I would like to see a Monastic Order with its own agenda in the game, and its own units aswell. It can be monks, paladins, Crusaders etc. I have been thinking about this faction´s priority and it could be the defend of the realm from Orcs, Goblins and Undead invasions. And at the same time it would be neutral and outside the strugle of the houses in order to get dominance.

    More talents It would be great to have more talents to chose from in every tree. I also consider that even a new tree will open much more variability. The Idea is to have more gameplay style such as rogue ambushers trying close combat, monk gameplay, war cries for warriors, jump ability for people with light armor.

    I will keep improving the post later. And please consider the ideas for expansions or new games in the same style of this splendid game, because what I will write later about economic system if the player is able to keep and manage its own castle (I have read the FAQ).

    Thank you very much for such a graet game, I am a very old player and since very time ago I cound not find a game which is able to bring me such a feeling of inmersion. You are great!.

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    My favorite feature to add would be iron man mode. Like in xcom 2 and diablo.
    No more rolling back old saves.

    This would make me put a lot more hours into the game.

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    Those are both really interesting suggestions. Intrigue may not be a desired selling point in this project, but a Monastic order would add an interesting layer of depth to the endgame. And new perks/talents have been mentioned in the Blogs.

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    My favorite feature to add would be iron man mode. […]

    Here a quote out of the FAQ:

    Will you add an iron-man mode?
    Yes, but we want to wait until we have ironed out all the bugs for your sake.

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