Topic: 'Hit' sounds even on miss?

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    I just had my first battle with Direwolves, and was a bit surprised by the fact that it SEEMED like there were ‘hit’ noises (Snarl + Crunch), despite it seeming (based on no apparent reduction of the armour/health bars) that they were missing on their attacks.

    If this IS the case, I’d suggest not having the crunch sounds on a miss… just the snarl.

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    You’re still posting ideas at 1 hour 30 minutes mark , so , I just have to ask, have you considered compressing all these 10 ideas into 1 thread with the Edit button, rebrand it the ladlon Ideas thread?

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    That would have been too easy and considerate to other users. You better click thru all the one liner posts mate, why gather all the questions and suggestions together…

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