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    could not find anything about key bindings or keyboard shortcuts, maybe I am getting old and my eyes are not what they used to be.

    Avatar photoGOD

    There’s a couple. You can usually find them by hovering over the button that you want to use the shortcut for (like the party interface being C). Same applies for the Battle UI.

    Avatar photoSky

    Here are most if not all the keys that are active at this moment.

    “WASD” for scrolling (for some reason “Q” also scrolls left and “Z” up)
    “Space” to pause / in battle skip turns
    “F” end turn in battle
    “C” for inventory / “I” only in battle inventory and ground items
    #numbers for abilities
    “ALT” to toggle health bars
    “CTRL” to rotate the map in combat
    “SHIFT” to center your party on the worldmap or the currently active character in combat
    “+” and “-” to adjust camera height level in combat (ground levels)
    “F5” Quick Save
    “F9” Quick Load

    Avatar photoSky

    “Enter” End turn in battle
    “Esc” Menu

    Forgot these.

    Avatar photoTyro3

    So F and Enter, both end turn?

    Avatar photoSky

    Yep. You can see it when hovering over the end turn button aswell.

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