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    Have a question for the devs, did you plan or ever considered a “hotseat” 1v1 pvp battle scenarios? Shouldn’t be big work, and no netcode or anything needed to a battle scenario on the same computer between two (perhaps more) players. It sure is not something widely spread but it was always fun with the mom franchises.

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    Ps. the mom was meant to be homam (heroes of might and magic) the early days.

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    Hey Sky,

    it shouldnt be a big suprise that we already discussed this about a year or more ago :)

    When we created the scenarios we had the idea of pitching humans against humans and maybe even make both sides playable. It would also be fun to test different tactics against each other and how to counter a specific formation. If you could equip and control both sides it would be a pretty solid playground for experimentation.

    As fun as this sounds, other things have always been more important, so we dropped the idea pretty fast. This is the grim reality of video game creation :)

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