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    Greetings Fellow Mercenaries !
    I’am Ser Nonkelen And I’m a Adventerous Noble In a Potato Sack !
    But that story is for another time.
    The Reason i came to this Tavern is that I have some Suggestions for the Game.

    Before i Start talking about my Suggestions i want to say a couple of Sentences.
    1. English is’nt my Main Language.
    2. If there is a Idea from someone else in here I’m sorry. I dont Read/Visit Forums Alot.

    Thats Done !

    Lets Start with my Suggestions !
    If Anything is Unclear Please let me Know !

    1. More Names.
    Reason for Suggestion:
    Basicly I love the names in the game Currently but after playing hours and hours u see the same names in almost every new game you play.
    I’m getting Tired of em a little So I…
    Suggestion: Make a Topic on the Forums where People can add names they like for Areas/Villages/Oceans Etc.
    Then after a month or 2 weeks The devs take a look trough the Names and pick Names they Like and are not Offensive Ofc.
    2. ( This is a Big one And its Alot to ask Maybe its not even Possible but I’ll put it here anyway ) Maintaining your Own Village.
    My Idea how this could work:
    – The Player has alotof gold later into the game so this is meant to be End game Content.
    – You can Claim a Town after getting 100 Relation with the Town AND Pay a very Big fee to the Town Owner (5k Each Village Plot for Example).
    – Having a City you have to take care of it The City will give you Quests Bandits attacked them / Stole supplies etc. NOTE These Quests will NOT give you Rewards ( Crowns ) Only Relation Increase.
    – Having a City means you also need to Hire Militia How that gonna work?
    – The player can Visit his own Towers / Village Center and just like the Scenario Mode in the game you will see such similar inventory/menu.
    – The Player will be able to Hire men ( Normal Militia men Veteran etc ) Which will Cost 500 / 1000 Crowns Each Stronger and Better cost more to hire And they WILL HAVE UPKEEP added to your Party Upkeep.
    – The Player will also be able to Rebuild the Ruined Plots of his own City Which will Cost some money ofcourse It will also be balanced like Gems 5k to Rebuild Salt 4k Etc for Example.

    Thats it for Nr2.
    Now a Number of Small Things that should be easy to Implement in the Existing Game

    3. Center Camera (Shift Hold) Transform it into > Center Camera (Shift Toggle) Basicly its annoying to hold Shift to follow you guy make it Automatic.
    4. End/Wait ALL Turn Button. Now u have to press individual End / Wait on every single guy This button is needed because when you cant chase the enemy and hes running away u have to spam enter key 50x. Having a Wait all button can be nice if u wait for the enemy to get close to your position.
    5. So Max tools is 200 Ammo 100 Medic 100 Right? Well i most of the time Buy too much Which means i waste alot of money Also i cant trade these goods !
    So !!! Make them take your Inventory space like it takes space in the Shop/Market. Some may React with This beats the Purpose of having a MAX TOOLS etc Counter but If it takes Inventory space Its Balanced because thats one spot for something else! And u want to trade it / keep Extra So u dont have to run to a village And Yeah TRADING :).
    6. Not sure Which Time Peroid this game takes place in but i would like to see a Rapier Should be 25-35 or so Damage with 100% Armor Penetration or Something else cause this is little OP i think Anyway just to see a Rapier would be nice ;).

    Well Thats everything i wanted to Suggest !
    Thank you all for your Time and Reading This !
    I would love to see Feedback from Users on these Suggestions so Leave your Comments Down Below So we can Discuss All of these Suggestions if needed !


    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    Hello I am your friendly visit-the-forums more often fellow forum activist not representing an Overhype employee in any way. You can name your own characters, just click up there, edit it. The FAQ tab up top shows they are not going to have mechanics helping you make your own base or village? Maybe I’m reaching, I don’t think so. What are you saying the key does? Sort of a key for the Center Camera button? The button in the top right? Ya we’ve been talking a lot about Wait Alls or auto-end options. I hadn’t noticed the maxes on supplies, that’s interesting. “Quasi-Medieval” meaning we’re doing everything medieval without being responsible for that probably. Rapier pretty far out.

    Avatar photoNonkelen

    Talking about more Names for Locations on the Map and Villages :)

    Center Camera Button if you hold Shift it will Center the Camera on your Party on the Campaign Map But holding Shift is a little Annoying Thats why i suggest making it a Toggle instead of a Press&Hold Button.

    Avatar photoSky

    More names would be nice and won’t hurt the game that’s for sure.

    There will be no properties. You are a roaming mercenary leader.

    Center and end all are features we all waiting for.

    Amount of supplies depend on the difficulty.

    Even if there ever for whatever reason would appear a rapier it most certainly won’t have 100% armor piercing, even more it probably will have a -100% one.

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