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    One interesting thing that may be addeted are in my opinion legendary weapons and/or armor. But i think they should be different from games like Diabolo, where you drop them like every other loot, so I would like to give you my personal thoughs about legendary loot:
    Fist of all I think legendary loot should be end-game, so all battles you have to fight shouldnt be possible without a well equiped group of experienced mercenarys.
    1) Collecting the pieces
    As writted above I dont want that the items are just dropping if you are lucky. In my opinion you should travell in the world and collect all the pieces of e.g. an legendary sword that was broken in 3 pieces centurys ago.
    To obtain this sword you first have to gather information where to look: Maybe you find an old map, or you ask in the lokar tavern for old fold tales about it, there are a lot of possible ways to gather the information.
    After you have an rough idea where to look you can head out, but you need to keep in mind, that this wont be an contract so you wont earn money. This means you need enough money saved to pay your battle brothers (again this is late game).
    Arrived at you destination you have to fight strong opponents. Maybe the sword pice is in an old tomb guarded by an army of undead or you have to raid an old vampire castle and kill the nearly immortal lord of the castle.
    2) Putting the pieces together
    After obtaining all pieces all you have to do is putting them together. But an ordinary blacksmith wont be capable of forging this sword together. You need a legendary blacksmith for a legendary weapon.
    And again, you need to find information where you could find this blacksmith. Maybe he lives in an isolated village far in the north or he is an hermit who lives deep in the lands of the orcs.
    After finding him you probably need to pay a high price for his work.
    3) Uniqueness of the Weapon/Armor
    The question now is: Why should you do this long and dangerous journey? The answer is simple, because of the unique skills of the items!
    There may be a sword which ignores the armor of an opponent, a mace with transfers a part of your fatigue to your opponent when you hit them or an armor which repares itself by absorbing the blood of you foes.
    Human enemys might recognise these weapons and armor in a fight and tremble with fear in front of these only in legends known items. This could reduce their moral or even lead them to flee from the batlle bevore it even started.
    And of course every pieve of equipment should have its own interesting back story.
    4) Trying to avoid beeing OP
    I think these legendary weapons need to be very powerfull, so that they feel like really legendary equipment, but if you have more than one or two the game might becomming to easy. This is why I think your group should not be able to repair them. This makes sense, because a normal mercenary should be able to repair an normal weapon, but an legendary weapon or armor exceeds his skills. That means you have to visit the legendary blacksmith every time you want to repair you legendary equipment and because it should take a lot time to travel there, you cant use your legendary items in every battle. This means you only use them in very dire situations where they show their true value and bring you and glorious victory!

    Thanks for reading. I hope my thoughts are understandable and keep up the amazing work :)
    P.S.: The worldmap update is great

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    There are already named items in game. You can sometimes find them at weaponsmiths. Guess there might be armor pieces too.

    But the idea of gathering old relic pieces is a neat one. A little bit of indiana jones ruin exploration would be great. Like having it a secoundary or sub “quest” finding leads in taverns or even as loot from other camps. Could be done as an additional menu screen with limited collumns for limited random generated items like 3-5. And the leads would go in corresponding item collumn so you can always check it. Maybe map pieces like heroes of m’n’m did it or just clue texts. Small papper pieces which when mouseovered would tell the hints in the tooltip.

    I belive it would be a great addition while wandering around the world fighting the “great evil”. This has a potential of filling up different places and ways with additional optional content. You could embed some real cool mystic stories in these hunts, and even follow them up with more special events or faction quests. The clues could be even quest rewards or choise of reward instead of plain money. There already are some nice story elements with the mistycal deliveries, relics and other interesting beginnings. This could be the logival next step.

    Since this is quite similar to getting item as a reward instead or with money, that could be a thing too. We are in the midieval timeline afterall, barter and trade is a core element of this age, not only pure gold. I’d take a 2h sword as a reward many times over gold since in my games those seem to be hard to get. Just as some nice pieces of armor. Maybe even make events where you get to help a lone knight of perhaps a noble house to fight off attackers and if he lives you get reward in money and increased renown while failing to save him still gives you some of his knighty gear but the said faction would be angry with you.

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