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    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game, and after becoming completely obsessed and playing it for several days, I have come up with a few suggestions that I would love to see in battle brothers.

    1. I have liked the implementation of animals in the game (e.g. war dogs, dire-wolves, and the wolves which goblins ride). I think this adds a different element to the battlefield(enemies which can move farther). I would like to see horses added. They could be bought by the player and assigned to sellswords. This would allow the sellsword to move farther in battle. The horses could be killed before the sellsword(just like the wolves for goblin riders). This could bring in another system; armour for horses. Heavier the armour, the less the horse could travel, the easier it gets fatigued etc.

    2. I understand the whole, captain of the company mechanic, however, I would like to see an actual hierarchy system. One sellsword would be the captain (“you”), and if they die, another sellsword is appointed captain. This would have negative effects (e.g. moral penalty), but would not end the game(unless there would be a game mode where if the captain dies, the game is over). More positions may also be implemented (e.g. sergeant), the most senior of which would take the captain position.

    3. I think we would all agree that we would like to see more weapons and armour. While the ones so far are great, I think that a larger variety would add more to the game. I would like to see a system where the player could craft their own weapons and armour (e.g. buy a hilt from one place, the blade from another. Both have different stats and therefore make a weapon with specific stats).

    4. I would also like to see more interactions with the towns and landscape. For example, with the upcoming reserve roster, I think it would be neat to be able to make a base (like how raiders, orcs, goblins, etc do) where reserves could be placed, items could be stored and etc. I would also like the see real garrisons for cities, where the player could be safe.

    5. As a continuation to idea 4, I would like to see more of an international system. That is, more war in between houses, where the player could be hired by a specific house and help take over a city for said house. Or, if the player chooses, they could take over villages and towns for themselves, under their own banner. This would generate income and men for the player, however, other houses and enemies may see it as an easy target (be careful, this may be getting too Mount & blade – esk)

    6. I have also really enjoyed the battles where you have allies (e.g. when you are guarding a caravan and are attacked). I would like to see more interactive battles like this. For example, if you are hired by a lord to take over a city, you could accompany their army and fight with that army to take the city.

    These are all just my random and miscellaneous ideas, take from them what you will. Battle brothers is already very well developed, and feels like a well thought out and complete game. I will continue to enjoy and play this amazing game, and add any more suggestions I come up with. Thank you very much.

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    I’m guessing you are new to the forums, so I’m going to try to sum up some ideas for you.
    1.The devs said clearly that horses will not be a thing, but will prbably be anyway since everyone is asking for horses.
    2.The whole captain thing… Wouldn’t work well… You can just role play it…
    3.They are working on a bunch of cool armor and weapons at the moment. You can check this or the pages 48, 49 and 50 of Paul’s Art Corner
    4.The devs said that having a base would defeat the purpose of a traveling mercenary band.
    5.I am pretty sure I read somewhere that the devs will add conflicts betwen houses. Not entirely sure.
    6.Good idea! There should be sieges!

    Avatar phototribtrav

    Thank you very much for replying. Yes, I am new to this forum, and after reading further into it I feel quiet stupid as many of these Ideas have been suggested before. But I do appreciate the feedback!

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