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    First off, Hello everybody :P I just registered for the forums to make these not really game related recommendations for the devs consideration. But I hope these recommendatios are still welcome…

    I must say that I have been salivating over Battle Brothers for like a week now. I just love Mount and Blade: Warband so people comparing the games is a huge huge big fat plus in my book.

    However, there are also a lot of people comparing BB to Xcom which I have not played so that comparison is meaningless to me. That said what I would personally compare BB to from what I’ve seen from gameplay videos and such would be Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Which brings me to my recommendations (finally). I would absolutely recommend the devs to check out Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis if they are not familiar with it yet to maybe be influenced by the game a little :D

    My second recommendation (and this one is more related to BB) would be that the devs should consider implementing some type of mini-game option or maybe even an online option by using BB and adapting it for Hnefatafl (King’s Table) rules. Hnefatafl is basically a viking chess game before chess came to Europe and took over as the most popular board game and since BB units are already like chess pieces I think it would translate to the BB universe brilliantly. Or if that does not seem like a good idea maybe just take the concept of Hnefatafl and make your own rules if necessary for certain mission/battle types on BB?

    Those are the things that have been bouncing in my brain while I was daydreaming about BB. I’ll be sure to grab a copy of it whenever I am able to! Cheers! :)

    EDIT: Oh! And I forgot. Any chance for the Battle Brothers to gain and/or lose positive/negative traits like in Darkest Dungeon (just a lot rarer occurance…)? I saw in some gameplays they can be fat, drunkards, etc. Would be cool if they could gain or lose those traits throughout their journeys.

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    Welcome to the forums :)

    Having played both XCOM and Tactics Ogre, I can say with confidence that Battle Brothers is medieval XCOM. Theres no class system, no spells. Actually if you’ve never played XCOM, I’d suggest picking up the remake by Firaxis (seeing as the original is, well, old!) – its awesome.

    The Hnefatafl recommendation is like saying hey lets make Warhammer 40K into a chess game…. ha, okay well yeah that may have just become a thing. But Battle Brothers isn’t a well established franchise, mini games and online features are way down on the list of priorities at this moment i’d imagine. I personally didn’t buy battle brothers to play an adaptation of a board game. That is not to say it couldn’t work, and wouldn’t be fun. Warhammer 40K Regicide, is actually quite a surprisingly fun game! but thats it’s own separate dedicated game; its a concept. The concept for Battler Brothers is to be a tactical mercenary simulation game with RPG elements and turn based combat.

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    Glad to be here and hopefully I can contribute something that doesn’t come from watching gameplay videos in the near future :D

    I absolutely love the low fantasy aspect of BB. I think I brought up Tactics Ogre mostly because the troops can obtain emblems (positive traits) in there and that’s the only thing that I can tell right now that I would really want to see implemented in BB.

    I’ll be sure to check out the new XCOM and as far as the Hnefatafl goes… Hey, I just thought I’d throw it out there ;P It’s definitely not a high priority thing just thought maybe the devs could see any use from it like for certain missions or smth to spice things up as I have mentioned before. :)

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    Fellow X-COM and Tactics Ogre player here. Drew’s right about Battle Brothers being a lot like X-COM in terms of the tenseness of combat and how things are meant to develop organically. Great game, very much worth getting. If you plan on buying the modern XCOM, get the expansion and the Long War mod. The normal game is not as good as the original X-COM in my opinion, but Long War improves it tremendously. You can also check out Xenonauts, which changes some things but is closer in art style and playstyle to the first X-COM. You can also just get X-COM (I think steam has it?) and improve it with the openxcom modification, which fixes tons of bugs and makes it easy to add more mods. Openxcom is the best X-COM by far if you ask me, as long as you don’t have a problem with the dated graphics and UI.

    Because the game has such a small team the focus is completely on the core mercenary experience, so I don’t think that we’ll see something like mini-games. I rather like the idea of a Viking game getting added to the events to add more flavour though. It’s appropriate to the time period the game is set in and games are an important part of life that usually gets overlooked or implemented in odd ways. Anything that makes the game feel more authentic is something that the developers will appreciate, especially art related details, so do share any other details that come to mind. :)

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    I love Tactics Ogre. I have only played on game of the series so far (and still playing it), but if there’s an RPG I’d make, it would be very much like Tactics Ogre.

    I strongly recommend Xenonauts. It has (imho) better field-of-view, cover and air-battle mechanics. However it seems a bit dry compared to the new XCOM by Firaxis, which features nicer graphics and cinematic action.

    Xenonauts is more a simulation, XCOM more an action game. You should play both.

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    Tactics Ogre(Snes version, PSX version and PSP remake), Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission(1&3), Fire Emblem series(some at last), X-Com(old and new), Xenonauts, Mechwarrior:Mercenary, Mechcommander I&II, Total Liberation, Brigandine.
    Gosh so many good memories.

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    Did all of you miss out Jagged Alliance oO

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    I feel you!! turn based strategy RPGS have a very special place in my heart. Looks like we have all played the same games!!! haha


    I like the idea of gaining traits. I think Darkest Dungeon hands them out too frequently IMO (Despite being a very fun game). I could see injures and permanent war wounds at some point down the line…. think ‘one eyed Hugo’ with his bad vision, or ‘three fingers Ferdinand’ with his poor melee damage.

    Avatar photoUnsettler

    I don’t think what it is about Hnefatafl that I’m so fascinated by it. Maybe it’s the similarities to turned based tactic games ;D please bare with me while I rant about it…


    It’s appropriate to the time period the game is set in and games are an important part of life that usually gets overlooked or implemented in odd ways.

    I’ve read that archeologists when digging up viking sites they usually find remains of a set of Hnefatafl. Historians think it was used to teach younger soldiers strategy etc. So it was popular among groups of vikings. Maybe this type of thing (not necessarily an active mini-game) could be used for interaction between your Battle Brothers to get some kind of better spacial awareness buff for 1 future battle for whoever played it. I can see this option being used in something like the camping phase in Darkest Dungeon. I think some temporary buffs would be great like that. If the devs are planning some kind of interaction between the Brothers then a camping option is mandatory imo :D


    The Hnefatafl recommendation is like saying hey lets make Warhammer 40K into a chess game

    I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Hnefatafl rules. I just said it was the viking chess game just to give a general idea to people but it’s really nothing like chess other than the “units” move like rooks and it’s on a board. However, essentially it’s an ambush fight. It is so similar to an ambush fight that implementing Hnefatafl in some way should not be much effort and I don’t think would take away from the main game.

    I like the idea of gaining traits. I think Darkest Dungeon hands them out too frequently IMO (Despite being a very fun game). I could see injures and permanent war wounds at some point down the line…. think ‘one eyed Hugo’ with his bad vision, or ‘three fingers Ferdinand’ with his poor melee damage.

    I would go with “can’t do crits or super low chance to crit” for three fingers Ferdinand personally. Poor melee damage sounds like an immediate kicking out of the group…unless maybe he’s an archers.


    Now then. I have been thinking of more suggestions… Here are more results from my day dreaming:

    As far as other traits or “triggered” events I’m thinking about it would be that a Brother deciding to retire after he had one too many close calls in a row. Like if he almost dies 3-5 battles in a row he should definitely call it quits . Would force the player not to use cannon fodder tactics perhaps or just being reckless in general. A similar thing would be if he lands a crit like 5 times in a row or kills 5 enemies in 5 consecutive hits. Doesn’t have to be the same battle but maybe it could be depending on the positive traits that he might receive. Then again he might turn into a serial killer as well so it might not be just all positive or if his Brothers witness such a horrible thing as 5 heads flaying off one after an other it could have some kind of affect on their psyche as well. Like he could turn into a coward if the “trait roll” is not in his favour.

    Another one would be a possibility to break bones. Broken bones that would leave with huge penalties or downtime but stay on pay roll so player would have to decide whether to let them go or wait for them to recover. Which might take a long time. Also breaking bones should be mostly due to maces and other blunt weapons or a high chance of doing so when pushed off a high place. That and getting high damage by dropping from very high places. I don’t know if the battles in the mountains have really steep edges but they don’t then they definitely should… that and some kind of mountain men/monsters lurking around there that just love pushing everyone over the edge.

    Speaking of high places that you can drop from. Any plans to have structures in maps like old abandoned towers or forts? I would love to siege an orc fort or smth. Or barricade in an old hut from warewolves for some certain amount of turns until the morning comes.

    Also after watching gameplay videos I noticed that when enemies are retreating they usually just go to the edge of the map and then they’re stuck. I find that a bit silly tbh. They should be able leave the engagement and then if you want to kill them off if they have escaped you have to catch them on the world map. Naturally if it’s only 1 archers that escaped and you have a group of 12 Brothers you should be slower than them. And while I’m on the subject of speed on the world map I think that the size of your company should have an affect on your speed. IMO if you have a small group you should travel faster through fields and roads but slow down in forests and hills, mountains and swamps in fear of ambushes but if you are bigger you aren’t as fast as the small groups on fields and roads but you don’t slow down as much in the other areas because you don’t really fear an ambush by 5 bandits when you have a group of 12 or more men.

    The leaving the engagement thing also ties in with my delusion (:D) with Hnefatafl. Because that is essentially what you need to do if you play as the defendant. Now I’m not saying that YOU MUST IMPLEMENT HNEFATAFL rules. I’m just drawing inspiration here :) I’ve read that guards patrolling might attack you if they recognize a criminal among your midst. What if you get in really bad graces with some faction and they send an assassin for one of your founding members? OR I guess a random member. Now I see this assassination/ambush attempt as being a super hard difficulty engagement and it is triggered only as the worst thing that can happen to you as a result for having a horrible relationship with some faction. My idea is that essentially you are ambushed by an extremely big amount of enemies that you can not defeat in any way and the objective of the engagement is to get the assassination target member to the edge of the map where he could leave the engagement while you try not to die with the other members and then the enemies disengage and run after him but since it’s only 1 member that escapes he should outrun them easily. You then find the escaped member in the next town you visit.

    And lastly, I think there should be an option of splitting your group. Like sending out a 3-4 men scout party somewhere when a mission requires you to be stealthy and a large group would draw attention. This option would be available only when setting up camp. And these splinter groups being away from the main party would require a considerable increase in payment as to not desert. This could be countered by having one of the founding members in the group but then again it would be very dangerous for the small group and no one would want to lose one of their founding members.

    Sorry for the long post and the stream of consciousnessish all over the place suggestions. Just wanted to get it out there before I forgot everything. I promise I won’t mention Hnefatafl again. :D I think that’s everything I can think of for now.

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    No response from devs. aaaw. Sadface :(

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    They have a game to develop but worry not, they are reading everything though they don´t always have time to respond. ;) AND you already had GOD responding to you. This is something most christians cannot say for themselves ;)

    "I am a Paladin!"
    >OMG, Malthus, there are no damn paladins in Battle Brothers...<
    "OK, OK! Then I´m a wrecked down minstrel drunkard pretending to be a paladin, singing so wrong in the midst of battle that even the undead run in fear... Better?!"

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    Heh, I will believe you minstrel… for now :P though even a “get out of here with your unrealistic expectations” would be better than nothing. Then again actually working on the game is probably even better :D

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    you already had GOD responding to you. This is something most christians cannot say for themselves


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