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    Today I started yet another game on Challenging playing with self-imposed ironman mode and was on about day 9 when received first patrol contract asking me to travel from Donnerfeste to Wiesenwacht to Seekamp and back to Donnerfeste. I hired 12th brother, Konrad the messenger, to my doubtfully expirienced ragtag band of Brothers, where were gathered some questionable fellows like cultists or this one wonky poacher:
    (this screenshot was taken 1-2 days prior to reaching Donnerfeste where patrol adventure started off)

    Edmund, the Wonky Bow

    We had some challenging fights, some easy or strange fights, some were funny like this one: hiking uphill trying to catch archers.

    archer hill

    It ended on the other side of the hill with their heads rolling – none could flee, though i yet to own a single dog.. Glad i had Pathfinders.

    When they returned their band was already not the same: many good men died, some new got hired, lots of armor and weaponry crushed, and new gathered.

    after their return

    All in all it was a long trip from the North a bit to the West and all the way to the South, and then back again.

    Donnerfeste - Wiesenwacht - Seekamp - Donnerfeste

    And that’s how the Grim Reapers were met by Sir Harald von Folsach, the contractor on their arrival –

    contractor's response

    “..without even looking up, told to get out.” – yeah, right! He must have been shitting himself silently over headcount and money he had to pay.
    As by contract that was 92 crowns per head and 240 on completion. “Cheap deal” – he must have thought back then. Oh, how wrong he was..

    That was my quite short story of their achievements.
    Really a pity i didn’t capture more shots of the battles they went through, as i had no intention to share their story on this forum or anywhere, maybe next time when i encounter a Patrol mission i’ll be more prudent. Instead take a look at attached savefile if you like.

    What about your Battle Bothers?
    Share your stories about their hardships and achievements with screenshots of map and places you’ve been through. Let’s enjoy it together.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Nice story… over 7000 for quest. Looks like devs need to make patrol quest limit at time.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    It took my Brothers 8, almost 9 days to travel the whole route without major detours:
    – 2 days to reach Wiesenwacht by road, chasing down anything i met in sight range and going back to road
    – 3 days to reach Seekamp by going to the south, west of ‘Ranger’s Rest’ forest and through the second forest south of it near Dagger Den
    – 3 and a half day to get back to Donnerfeste, going by road through Nordholz village

    That’s how auto-Pathfinding determined shortest route. After reaching a town i clicked on next one and went through the path it determined.
    My warband didn’t roam in search of prey – the roads were swarmed with bandit raiders – sometimes i even considered to run away, as i had no sufficient repair tools or healing supplies. When Brothers reached Seekamp they had none left. I bought 1 stack of repair tools and 4 stacks of healing herbs and bandages – all there was – as Brothers neeeded to mend 17 wounds, which would take 56 hours, and we still had a long way back ahead of us.
    Was i fortunate they got some more repair tools, and 30+ more medical supplies from bandits?
    Anyway, i was short on time, as my funds were running low too.

    TL;DR: If Devs would limit the time for patrol contract, i wouldn’t be able to complete on this map.

    Or here’s another map, where the House Steinwall requested to patrol from Thalburg to Hohenturm to Laubfeste and back.

    How many days do you think it would take to get there?

    Another realm

    Last save from that playthrough attached, you can test it even without contract and see how long it would take. You don’t even have to fight anyone.

    Avatar photoKerberos

    Time limits might be problematic for the reasons Rahziel mentions, but I do think patrol quests are very exploitable. Perhaps designate some route and make only monsters encountered on that route payable? This could be justified in the fiction by the noble house sending a non-combat representative along.

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Awesome story on the large Patrol. Things like that can happen when using a sandboxy game style whithout too much control on our side. A simple patrol contract turning into an epic quest :)

    On the second screen the patrol route really doesnt make a lot of sense. We are still tweaking and testing how to combine the randomly generated maps with the patrol route to achieve a reasonable outcome.

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    Avatar photoSky

    It could be eliminated if the house would have clustered cities. As of now, playing several maps there is always one or two cities that are further away while the closer ones belong to other house.

    Avatar photokingslomein

    That’s Awesome! haha

    Avatar photoBinkus

    I turned one of these down last night thinking i would net me a few hundred at best

    thank you OP i will now be undertaking the most epics of strolls with the Cross Lords

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