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    Not terribly pressing, but since you have a suggestions section, I feel it my duty to toss my two cents in :)

    Ironman mode: Yes, I know it’s an honor system thing, but damnitall, when Seigfred the unstoppable goes down… to that lame Cleaver one-hit… CUT OFF IN HIS PRIME…. HOW CAN I NOT SAVE HIM? THE KEY IS RIGHT THERE!
    Having a checkbox to lock saving to quit/continue would be nice, just to keep me honest :)

    Basic AI for intercepts: So that when you click on a roving enemy, and they’re juuust outside your range, and you miss fighting them in the open, instead having to slog through a bog, simply because you clicked half a second too soon and they pathed into you or just past? Having your party track moving targets you have sight on, or at the very least auto-engaging on previously clicked targets, would be very nice. Pausing is a manual solve, but, as above, Quality of Life :)

    Choose a starting Hero: Sometimes you just want to try out a build. A way to ensure a single member of your party is a certain class (even disregarding random assigned traits) would be handy, but it could break immersion a lot… just a thought. IMO it would be fun if that one person was YOU, though, and if he died you lost regardless; maybe as a different game mode.

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    There will be an ironman mode.
    Autohoming it is discussed at this moment over the forums. Belive it will be implemented later on.
    There will be some sort of starting costumization but still in the dark how and what kind.

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