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    Just to help organise my men on the battlefield, I’d like the option to repaint my shields to the colors I want. Hey, it’s something folks really did IRL!

    Avatar photoicemelon

    I think Paul, on this topic Paul’s art corner answered to that special question, but can’t find it.

    If I’m not wrong, I remember he said it’s a lot of work to change that because the different stats items have: unbroken, touched or really damaged. He described the whole thing more technically and accurate but I hope you get the point.

    Avatar photomrbunnyban

    Nono, I’m NOT asking for CUSTOM colors. I meant change the colors to one of the colors made available. Basically I want certain brothers to be carrying shields of a certain color. Alternatively, folks may want all their bros to use shields of the same color/pattern. It’s like how the all the soldiers of a noble houses have shields bearing their colors.

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