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    Hey and Thanks for the Great game

    I was wondering if the final version of the map might be any bigger or if more settlements will be added. it just feels kind of empty with only one city and a few villages or towns and a castle around the place

    My suggestion was that maybe as the economy over a settlement grows the town its self my upgrade into a city and downgrade as the economy drops or the settlement gets raided.This could then in turn effect available quest and recruits

    Anyways thanks again for the great game

    Avatar photoSky

    It is the beginning of early access and there are plans for lots of more. Consider what you see a platform to build on. When the devs reveal the roadmap we will see what they going for.

    Avatar photoGOD

    The map might get bigger, though travel distances will probably never get too big. It also depends on how the way travel works will develop over time. More locations and details are also likely to get added.

    City size affecting the goods, recruits and contracts available already happens to some degree, though there’s no strict upgrade system separating different tiers. This will probably get fleshed out as development continues, especially as the event system gets introduced.

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