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    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    There has been a discussion on this forum about the player being able to have a “lead character” (see here: ), and that gave me a few ideas… What if having different leaders will give you different perks and problems…
    Like having a really aggresive leader (with a giant two handed axe) that would make your mercenaries hit harder, but also reduce their defence? Or having a very quick thinking leader that boosts the defence but lowers the melee skill? Maybe even having someone that will allow you to almost always ambush the enemies or give you extra AP for the first round (as a charge effect)…
    There are many more possibilities, but I just tought that this would be a nice idea to give the tactical side a bit more depth…

    Avatar photoRusBear

    in combination with a separate tree of perks for the group as a whole (this could be the ability of the experience for quests and fame) it would be just great. But this will require enormous effort of balancing the input elements. The release prepared for this year – to our great regret, I do not think that the developers will go for it.

    Avatar photoSky

    I’m with RusBear on this. Still you can never know, i’m confident that there will be few surprises from the dev team as there were before. Maybe not with this but with something else. I hope that this mechanic will find it’s way even if in dlc. It is a prime material afterall.

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    Now look ,we know what they answer they will not do:
    “Will there be a leader character I can create myself that takes part in battle?

    ” -FAQ

    However, I am not against, maybe its important, because the art man deserves more money, a portrait selection for the man/woman behind the company! And a trait select for the company leader! Name ourselves, gives our Self a little substance? Like puny bean counter behind a desk with a bag of gold, with a thin mustache, +100 crowns on contracts. Every portrait he wants to do of anything, and, a small Company Trait.

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    Okay! I get it! They said no to the leader thin, but I read (I can’t remember where) that they plan on adding non-combat charcters to aid you… I don’t really know what they ment by that, but I’m assuming that a general or something (to plan the combat and all) will be added…

    Avatar photoSky

    More like a smith to fasten the repair a doctor to heal up injury. Enchancements to already existing stuff and perhaps for other planned but not yet done mechanics.

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