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    maybe not during the battle, of corse, it could be dificult to archive even its realistic.

    what about to recover some amunition after the battle? to refil a random percentage of the number you’ve spent in that battle. and different type of range misille should have a diffrent recover rate, the arrows are easy to be broken but not the throwing axe, and the odds for the javalin could be somewhere in the middle.

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    OK interesting topic, I like some of your other posts recently. I know you get ammunition out of fights, there’s no way for me to trace if that’s the enemies ammunition or my ammunition returning to me. I discovered you can drop stuff and pick stuff up again, so that’s helpful, access inventory during battle for a Ground window, you can put in your pockets or hands. To be Specific, again, about the situation You are talking about, again, I haven’t seen javelins I am directly able to pick up again, that’s a lot of editing by now, with the art and programming probably. I do find it annoying that so, 3 javelins is an “ammunition quiver” like 10 crossbow bolts, that is really harsh, javelins hit your crowns on the refills.

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    At this moment you do not refil, you get just enemy loot. If they had a bowman who did not shot all the arrows there is a chance you get it as loot.

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