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    Avatar photoJago

    I’ve encountered a new bug (it happens quiet often). When I leave a town, sometimes I cannot pause the game or open the menu, unless I move far enough from the place or wait a while. It’s not happening always, so I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.

    The last time it happened I only looked at the available contracts. I did not open the shopping menu or tried to hire new brothers.

    Edit: Looks like I attached the dxdiag two times, and I can’t attack the log.html.
    Edit: Attached the log as a winrar-archiv.

    Avatar photothenewromance

    I had problems with not being able to pause as well. I can’t describe specific circumstances, however. Entering/leaving towns might have had to do with it.

    I was able to fix it by pressing “Esc” twice to bring up the menu and closing it. This isn’t working as intended either, the first press should already bring up the menu, but doesn’t register. Pausing was possible after that, however.

    Avatar photoSalperticon

    Same here, but I have not taken a close enough look at the circumstances either so far.
    For me, it often ahppened after frequent tabbing in and out of the game.
    I will try to locate it more precisely this evening, if possible.

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    Avatar photoTrig

    Same. Going to save/options menu then back in game fixes it.

    Avatar photoSalperticon

    Strangely, I did not have that problem at all yesterday.
    Not sure why exactly it occurs and when.

    Plague Rats - we're not famous, but we get the job done.

    Avatar photoSky

    It always happened to me when exiting a settlement, so I suppose it is because the game thinks it is paused while the pause script did not trigger properly. Only the main menu resets this status. The problem is that I’m most of the time alt tabbing so it sure could be a factor too.

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