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    First, I am sorry for my english :)
    I have some suggestions about undead. I didn’t see any other topic about this except for undead orcs and other races.

    Some ideas can be stupid as I didn’t see any ghosts in the game yet (only on the picture). Maybe some mechanics are already implemented, but I don’t know them. You can let me know :)

    1. Undead have no fear (they are just tools to kill enemies withou any mind), they would never run out of the map (except for Vampires and Necromancers)
    2. Undead should be immune to taunt. They should attack the closest enemy – except for vampires which can be immune as well, but they have mind to choose enemy. (For example orcs should be less immune against taunt and they should attack – if possible – always the shouting/taunting enemy. It’s just their intuition to attack more “visible” enemy.)
    3. Ghosts and Vampires and maybe other special undead should be immune against standard weapons. This world certainly have some gods, priests what makes holy water. So you can use it as a throwing weapon or to bless your weapons? Another idea is silver as a material for different weapons. Easy to destroy, but usable against these monsters.
    4. Attacking ghosts should not damage your weapons.
    5. Ghost attack should ignore armor and do not damage it.
    6. Skeletons should be immune against arrows and stabbing weapons. There should be only chance to hit their skull, if succesfull, you will hit them. Otherwise miss or very low damage.

    I think it’s enough for now.

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    These are already in. Mostly as you described. Except for number 3.

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    You are right. I will try to test the game mechanics much more before creating any topic next time :)

    I probably thought that all undead have morale if ghouls have it.
    And skeletons are great as well. I probably saw arrows effect on the armor and I thought that skeletons are not immune. But they are.

    Devs did great job with the game, thanks for it!

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    The skeletons are not entirely immune, they get like 10% of pierce damage or something like that. You can read the exact number on their buff.

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