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    Avatar photoManaSeed

    With resolve stat 56, it seems have no effect at all. Enemy doesn’t attack the taunting unit, not to mention they didn’t even take the initiative to approach him. Does anyone find any practical use in this perk? Am I doing it wrong? Do I have to take off all my armors, be naked to perform a successful and provoking taunt? ヽ(´□`。)ノ

    Well….. this perk does work in some ways. Yea, you’ve guessed correctly. It’s taunting me perfectly fine. (≖͞_≖)

    Avatar photoSky

    Same, thought i’m doing something wrong so waited for more testing. Seems like it is still the skill. Sure it does show now the supposedly affected enemies, but all they get is the visual indicators and not the taunt. In my case of 5 enemies maybe one tried to ambush the taunting spearwalled unit. Can’t be sure since there was simply no other room to go other than next to the taunter.

    Avatar photoMrCrim

    i have tried to make it work with a really tanky brother. But the skill just does not seem to work well.

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