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    Avatar photoOh Brother

    Do you have plans to allow wardogs to level up? Choose which stats to increase just like a brother, except no ranged attack obviously. The % chance to inflict leg injury should be implemented. They could also recieve injuries. Lastly, give the ability to change their name.

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    Avatar photoOldGreyBeard

    Interesting idea. However, the progress should be very, very slow. We really lack the natural weaponry a dog quickly develops, and smart as a dog is, there’s just no real comparison to a human. A one to one leveling system would be really unrealistic … even for low fantasy.

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    Avatar photoMike

    There’s already a couple of threads dedicated to wardogs, such as this one:
    As happy as we would all be to see more complexity added to every gamefeature, the devs have clearly stated what are their priorities before the full release – dog overhaul is sadly not on the list. Still, one can hope for future expansions :)

    Avatar photoBrotherByrd

    It would be nice to see them be able to level up but, seems the best you can do for now is to get a armored wardog over one that isn’t.

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