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    I know the title is “BattleBROTHERS”
    but cmon people realy?! not a single(!) female charackter in the whole world?
    I mean if this is supposed to be a male homosexual fantasy i dont want to destroy it, srsly i would respect that.
    But if not you have to put female charackters in.
    Even if you give them sexist stats, at least have them in the game please!
    Maybe you will even attract more female customers that way idk…

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    I think the devs have said that they’d like to add women at some point.

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    In the future, a more diplomatic approach to a possible problem might be better received. If you start a conversation with assumptions, accusations and thinly veiled insults, you are likely to be met with a defensive answer even from fair-minded people. Just something to keep in mind on any forum.

    Avatar photothorismund

    sry if that sounded offensive.
    didnt mean to be seriously rude.
    but nevertheless maybe a little stabby in a humorus kinda way.
    i guess i forgot the “;)”
    honestly, i already knew that they would have women in this, i didnt seriously believe that they wouldnt when i wrote this.
    but still, you know, women being a “feature” that has to be implemented says something. so
    my point was something else, let me try…

    in the end for most of us older age fantasy rpg players its that reoccuring reminder that comes with the “;)” that actually
    the fantasy setting we enjoy IS in fact a little politicaly incorrect BUT thats exactly what we subconciously like about it.
    its a romantic phantasy of the white man. everything in this fantasy, including women, play roles of an exception to the rules.

    for me its guilty pleasure

    and actually, first creating men (sounds familiar somehow) and implementing women very late in the developement process is a message in itself.
    but for me actually its secretly not a bad message, for me it says: oh great its going to be one of those oldscool feel games, from before the pleasure became guilty…

    similar thing with homosexuality: 20 years ago giving a slap on the ass of your football team mate was something completely different then today.
    even though the “man gang” feeling changed and maybe the slap on the ass of your teammate in fact got some new intonations to it, if you overcome homophobia you can still do it and its still very enjoyable (the “no homo” term pays tribute to that change btw.)
    and this game actually has that feel and its great.

    idk but in my opinion that IS something you can be stabby about, but i take this stab with a smile and i think the devs can do that too.
    i think its amazing when game creators are selfconcious and confident about their customer profile.

    i hope i made myself clearer now.


    Avatar photoelizabethjohanson

    Good point

    Avatar photoOkami

    Greetings from France !

    I would love too to have Battle Sisters, but I understand the problem of having a huge load of rework with the game’s texts. So I thought of a few options to more or less ” turn around ” the obstacle :

    1) The Silent Sisters : the idea is to add the basics : women can be recruited, equiped, trained, will fight and die, same as your brothers, BUT will NEVER interact in events, random or not. The negative side, is, of course, total lack of atmosphere / background / logic, with Battle Sisters never saying or reacting about anything.

    2) The Hidden Heroine : an ingame feminine variant of the Lone Wolf ; once you’ve earned enough renown, you can hear rumors about a lone woman with great fighting skills ; so you’ll have to find her if you want her to join your compagny. Like the first option, she will never be involved in random events (so no texts change), BUT she can have her own sentences with her personal quest (slaying a world boss, recover an artifact, or whatever you like).

    3) The NPC : a small new factions of Amazons / white witches / sisterhood of women who decided to take arms against threats like hags, necromancers or cultists, and to do it in their own way (after all, who can tell if witch hunters of Battle Brothers’ world never burned innocent people ?). You won’t be allowed to recruit them, but they will appear randomly in the map and you will be able to help / be saved by them by fighting side by side, in the same manner you can join your forces to a neutral / friendly group (such as peasants, caravan, miliatia or noble house men at arms) when facing a mutual enemy.

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