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    I just bought this game, and tried it out from Steam as well as GOG, and I’m getting extreme input lag anywhere in the game. I searched through some old threads from here, Steam, and reddit, and none of the solutions appeared to work.

    What’s happening is that when I start up the game, my mouse moves extremely slow, as if I’m trying to play this on a 1990 Tandy. I can enable hardware cursor which fixes how fast the mouse moves, but it doesn’t fix how fast the game realizes my mouse is on the element. Friends advised me to find out more information at, so I asked for help. Perhaps the problem with the VPN and need to choose another option. Here’s everything I’ve tried:

    – Run the executable as Administrator (under ${INSTALL_DIR}\win32\BattleBrothers.exe
    – Update the compatibility settings directly on the .exe and:
    – Run in compatibility mode for Win 7
    – Run in compatibility mode for Win X SP3
    – Unchecked “Override high DPI scaling behavior
    – Re-checked it, but set “Scaling performed by” to “System”
    – Reinstalled game after uninstalling and also deleting the folder under “${HOME}\My Documents\Battle Brothers”
    – Reinstalled game on a completely different physical drive

    All other games continue to work fine, which include Mechwarrior 5, Metro Exodus, Baldur’s Gate 3, and a couple others.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what else I might try?


    Below are system specs:

    Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.60 GHz
    Installed RAM 64.0 GB
    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
    Edition Windows 10 Home
    Version 21H2
    Installed on ‎3/‎14/‎2021
    OS build 19044.1889
    Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0

    I had never heard of such a problem before, I even wondered.

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    I’ve played BB for 400 hour so far. Sometimes, I went to reddit to see recommended builds for some characters but most of the times I didn’t learn anything from all the noisy comments suggesting this and that. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to spend tens of hours to asses if the recommended builds work (funny to say that after playing for that long). Eventually, my learning curve plateued and I abandoned the game.

    Recently, I came across a book Noise from Kahneman who, in chapter 10, cites a study [Clinical vs Statistical Prediction from Paul Meehl]( which gave me an idea.

    The study starts with the similar premise as the reddit recommendations. Essentially, some committee assigned points to job applicants and some other group of people tried to judge if those people succeed or not. After a year, the judgments were evaluated revealing that the they are more less garbage.

    I’d like to use Battle Brothers to reproduce a study in the following way:
    – Generate recruits with various stats and backgrounds (you can do that easily)
    – Let people somehow decide if this recruit succeed or not (this will require some kind of front-end enabling interaction)
    – Perform the experiment (That’s open to debate. So far, I can imagine having 12 brothers with pre-defined skills from which we will build enemy team by cloning all 12 of them while “our” will constitute of just 11 of them + the chosen recruit. We can see that the teams are almost identical so we can expect around 50/50 chance of winning but the scales will be slightly tipped by the stats of the evaluated recruit. If we run such situation enough times we will know if this recruit improves the chances or not. I expect to simplify various aspect of the experiment to reduce complexity.)
    – Measure the results to see if the study reproduces in this environment.

    I would like to participate only as a hobbyist. Maybe we can write some paper on this topic… But for you, if productionalized properly, you can use it to community-building feature to kickstart different kind of discussion and/or create an in-game feature that will allow players to evaluate the recruit (this is far beyond the scope of this experiment I believe).

    I understand if this is not interesting. However, if your are at least a bit interested, I’d like to get in touch and discuss the possibilities how could I help you to pull this through – I understand data and I am skilled SW engineer so maybe I could do the hard work.

    Should you be interested, please let me know.

    Great info, that would be interesting.

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    Avatar photoJohnKlein94

    Try collection of 6 mods, that will make the original game more fun, without changing the original gameplay and balance (also contains mod Hooks for build work):

    – Quickly Swap Items mod –

    Switch weapons and items with a single click or key press.

    * * *

    – Reusable Nets mod –

    Normally with nets it’s “use it and lose it”. As a result, I hate using nets. This mod lets you get your net back if you kill the enemy before he breaks out. You’ll get the net back as loot at the end of the battle, or you can pick it up off the ground.

    * * *

    – Removable Upgrades mod –

    Press U to detach an armor upgrade and put it back into the inventory.

    * * *

    – Boneplating Indicator mod –

    Adds UI icons to indicate whether or not a Brothers Boneplating has been used up or not.
    Because too often I think: Did this guy get hit already? Maybe just the shield? Do I want to stand next to this Chosen to find out?

    * * *

    – More Music Extended mod –

    All original tracks of the More Music mod (adds 125 new tracks, around 7 hours of new audio) and 23 new: ‘Tainted Grail: Conquest’ Soundtrack, and ‘Berserk’ anime Soundtrack.

    * * *

    – More Heads mod –

    Adds in 10 new heads for units.

    * * *

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    Install: drop the mod file into the /data directory (do not unpack the archive)

    Great post, thanks, lots of useful information.

    in reply to: Paul´s Art Corner #28787
    Avatar photoJohnKlein94

    This week I started a new campaign in order to play Davkul Rising mod. It has high quality new art, new enemies and gear. Very enjoyable.

    I played it, I didn’t really like it.

    in reply to: Raiding an orc base (30 orcs) #28736
    Avatar photoJohnKlein94

    You want advice on how to easily get uniques? Here are some:

    -Look for contracts that involve killing Hedge Knights, they usually have unique weapons to drop.
    -Take time to go into the wild, look mostly for crypts, fortresses and graves, I got many uniques from there.
    -When you have like 20000-40000 gold, won at [url=]tornado casino[/url], search in all the towns for uniques such as . Try to not waste money on useless things like having 20 men, 8 men get paid like 200-300 gold per day, I always have a 12 man roster to not waste much money.

    Very cool, strategically awesome battle..

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    Nothing fancy.
    Just bringing some of the old banners back. And making banners stabby stabby instead blunt ones.
    \i try to make some modifications but honestly i have zero skill and no talent.

    Don’ tell Psen but I personally liked old ones more. New ones are to flashy.

    Well i like the new banners more.But i try to bring the old ones too.Il try to change banner tips to spears too.

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