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Avatar photoThe Hidden Hand

That is so awesome to hear that Shadow of the Horned Rat is an inspiration for you as I also regularly play it even to this day. In fact I still have my original copy and keep my PlayStation out to play it on, that and Final Fantasy Tactics. I agree with you on Mount and Blade, the world was pretty much dead in that game. Other than the groups of men running around the map it felt like the world had no soul. Glad to hear that the guys making this game are of the same ideas as me, very comforting.

The Fallen Heroes, I figured as much about the probability but I just wanted to check. I know you guys had said the A.I has to play by the same rules as the player so I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a perk or something in the background that we weren’t seeing yet.

Best of Luck in everything going forward.