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Nice. Do you plan to make Treasury Maps (like in old SM pirates)?
Getting some pieces of info or locations of enemy camps from defeated bands(or from informants in human settlements) would be great too.

There wont be treasure maps per se, but you will be able to hear rumors about treasure locations when spending time in the Tavern. These rumors will work similar to the “find location” contract like it is in the game atm. So you will get some info on the direction and distance of the location but have to find it on your own.

Also do you implement legendary items or unique armors and more types of weapons?

More types of weapons are already in the making (Two handed Warhammer and a viking style longaxe). On top of that there will be more ranged weapons added. Depending on the available time we will continue to add more weapons throughout the whole rest of the development.
Regarding Legendaries I cant promise too much. We are focussing 100% on the upcoming worldmap Update and after that we will sit down to plan our exact schedule and feature list for the full release.


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